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The Best Remote Apps to Control Your Fire TV

No remote? No problem. These apps let you watch Fire TV anyway.

Sean Dennison

Amazon’s Fire TV allows you to access streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, as well as as a multitude of other services, from the comfort of your home via its Fire Stick or Fire Cube technology.

While Fire TV does come with its own remote, pairing it with a remote app instead can give you better control over certain features and help you maximize your Fire TV experience. Plus, what if you ever lose the remote?

Here’s a look at some of the best remote apps compatible with Amazon Fire TV, according to Slashdigit.

1. Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Amazon’s own remote app is readily available for download in your app store. The app features:

  • Voice search (not available in all countries)
  • Simple navigation
  • Playback controls
  • Keyboard for simple text entry
  • Quick access to your apps and games

If you’re a gamer, Amazon recommends that you “use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller.”

2. CetusPlay Remote App

CetusPlay is a versatile remote alternative that offers users an easy-to-navigate interface, which makes app management a cinch. You can modify the app so you can use it in different modes, including as a traditional mouse pad or a touch pad. You can also upload local files β€” files already stored on your phone β€” or your own customized M3U playlist.

From its own website, CetusPlay supports:

  • Over 13,000 TV models
  • Over 250 TV apps
  • Boasts nearly 121,000 active users

3. Harmony Remote

The Harmony remote connects via BlueTooth, instead of WiFi. Furthermore, you must have a Harmony hub piece of hardware to use it. But once you do, you’ll be able to access your Fire TV via the app.

The app comes with encryption software which means you can protect your content, as well as control who gets to access it. Like the Fire TV remote, you can also do voice searches for specific programs.

While this app made Slashdigit’s list, it’s worth pointing out that some users have complained about connectivity issues.

4. Limitless Remote App

The Limitless Remote app, like CetusPlay, can be configured for different modes of control, such as a wireless mouse, keyboard, D-pad or joystick. Furthermore, the remote automatically uploads your Fire Stick apps onto your smartphone so you can launch them from there.

The caveat is this is only the client aspect of the app. You must download the server part β€” Limitless Remote Service β€” onto your device for it to be compatible.

How to Use Your Phone as a Remote

There are plenty of benefits to using your phone over a physical remote. It’s one less thing to worry about, you can still access Fire TV even if you’ve lost the remote, greater user control and most of the apps listed here are one click away in your app store.

To use your phone as a remote, simply download the remote app of your choice, and follow the instructions. Most apps will prompt you to select the device you want to sync your Fire TV device.
These remote replacement apps are one of the reasons you can safely cut your cord and still stream television.

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