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Terra’s Kitchen - Meal Kit Review

Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen is a meal kit delivery service that comes pre-chopped, pre-washed, with recipes based on Mediterranean lifestyle with Paleo, Low Calorie, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, & Vegan options.


Terra’s Kitchen uses the reusable vessel designed by FreshRealm which means there is a lot less packaging to discard every week. Ingredients come in recyclable “bento boxes” that can be used to mix sauces and season vegetables.

  • Items come in a reusable vessel, so you don’t use wasteful packaging.
  • Most ingredients are pre-prepped, washed, and come in little bento box containers (great to reuse for mixing).
  • Each dish has it’s own price, so you pay more or less based on what you order.
  • 100+ recipe options—far more than most meal kits we reviewed.
  • Can order grocery items (meats, proteins, fruits) à la carte.
  • Recipes are designed based on the Mediterranean lifestyle.
  • Each dish has it’s own price, so you pay more or less based on what you order.

Try for Only $40

Try Terra’s Kitchen’s 2-person, 3-meal plan for only $40 with code TK35 (normally $75).

Terra’s Kitchen Summary

Sign Up

Place your order after selecting meals and meeting a $62.99 minimum.

Recipe Selection

There are over 100 dinner options, as well as a few options for breakfast, snack, or juices.

Delivery Options

Minimum order is $62.99 per week.

You can make changes to your order up until you receive your weekly alert email.


Meals range from $10-18 per portion.
Salads range from $7-10 per portion.
Sides range from $4-5 per portion.

Each kit has a $62.99 delivery minimum with free shipping.


Cancel from their website


First shipment arrives within a week of signup, but you can delay if needed.

  • Comes in a reusable vessel with ice packs.
  • Ingredients are sorted into “bento box” plastic containers.
  • Meat is kept separately on a separate tray and double-bagged.
  • Includes a return label to send back the vessel after you unload the ingredients.
  • They use the same packaging system as FreshRealm.

The reusable vessel is heavy – about 35 lbs (about twice as heavy as the disposable vessels). If you have to carry it up a lot of stairs, you might want to think twice.

Ingredient Quality

🥕 High quality ingredients. They used mostly organic & non-GMO ingredients.

Recipe Prep
Ingredient Prep

You’ll probably need to pat some meat dry and trim a vegetable, but it’s way less prep than other meal kits.

Kitchen Gear

You’ll want a pan, baking sheet, knife, and other basic items. Nothing fancy needed (like a food processor or lemon zester).

Additional Ingredients

Have some cooking oil, salt, and pepper.

Recipe Clarity

Recipe cards are helpful and easy to follow. They include a list of items to pull out of the pantry, as well as photos of each step.

Cook Time

Around 30 minutes depending on the recipe.



Portion Size

Adequate (but 2 people won’t have leftovers).

Nutrition Info

Calories & allergens.


Usually a pan, baking sheet, knife, and cutting board.

Customer Service

Terra’s Kitchen Photos


Roasted Brussels Sprouts Over Tender Chicken

Cuban-Style Picadillo and Rice

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