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MLB.TV Announces Blackout of Toronto Blue Jays Games Within Canada

Stephanie Sengwe

For years, Toronto Blue Jays fans have been able to watch live games via MLB.TV. However, that’s going to change as the streamer announced Blue Jays games will be blacked out for fans within Canada, starting with the 2020 season.

MLB.TV sent an email to their subscribers stating, “We know that in the past you’ve streamed live Toronto Blue Jays games from within Canada in MLB.TV. Starting with the 2020 regular season, live Toronto Blue Jays games will be blacked out on MLB.TV within Canada. Live Blue Jays games will now be available for streaming on Sportsnet NOW.”

This is a major blow for Canadian fans, who were used to getting Toronto Blue Jays games as part of the $120 subscription (or $24.99 a month), which also included every out-of-market game of American teams. Now, they will have to $249.99 annually ($20.83 a month) to just watch Toronto Blue Jays games through Sportsnet NOW (which also includes NHL and NBA games).

Unlike in the U.S., where teams are blacked out regionally, the MLB.TV blackout of the Blue Jays will see games blacked out throughout the country — even thousands of miles away.

On social media, fans are outraged at the news, some even promising to unsubscribe to MLB.TV altogether.

The news comes days after The Marquee Sports Network — an upcoming regional sports network to be operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group and the Chicago Cubs — announced that they signed a deal with Hulu. This means that fans from Chicago can watch the game on TV, mobile devices and computers without needing a cable subscription.