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New Bally Sports App, Replacing Fox Sports Go, Won’t Be Ready For Opening Day 2021

Jason Gurwin

The Bally Sports App, which was set to replace Fox Sports GO, isn’t quite ready yet. While Fox Sports RSNs officially became Bally Sports yesterday, the new app was which supposed to launch in conjunction with the rebrand on March 31st, was nowhere to be found.

We’ve heard that it is almost completed (meaning weeks not months), but not quite ready yet. In the meantime, streamers will be able to continue to use the Fox Sports GO app until the Bally Sports App is available. Once it is released, customers with Fox Sports GO will automatically see the update on various platforms.

Does Bally Sports App Have a Direct-to-Consumer Service?

At the moment, as long as you have access to the former Fox Sports RSNs, you don’t need to sign up for anything else. Bally’s and Sinclair have bandied about the idea of a direct-to-consumer service expected to launch in 2022.

While Hulu, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Sling TV no longer offer Fox Sports RSNs (now Bally Sports), you can still access it with a subscription to AT&T TV Choice Plan.

The Bally Sports App, which has been in the works with Deltatre, will offer access to all live games available on Bally Sports RSNs, including those on Bally Sports Extra their overflow channel. To access them, you will need to log-in with your TV Everywhere credentials for your cable, streaming, and satellite provider.

The company plans to expand the app to include free-to-play gaming, real-time stats and highlights throughout the game.

During the 23rd Annual Needham Growth Conference, Sinclair’s executive vice president and CFO, Lucy A. Rutishauser, described the app as “a world-class sports app, to replace the Fox Sports Go App. The viewing experience will be significantly better, it will enhanced, personalized, interactive, it will have new features, new capabilities, new content around sports, sports betting, the super fan…free to play (betting), rewards, community-based, gamification, stats.”

What Devices Are Supported By the Bally Sports App?

When launched the Bally Sports App will be available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation, LG Smart TV, iOS, Android, and your browser.

What Teams are Available in the Bally Sports App?

Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks broadcasts local telecasts of 14 MLB teams, 17 NBA teams and 13 NHL teams.

Bally Sports Arizona Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Coyotes
Bally Sports Detroit Detroit Tigers Detroit Pistons Detroit Red Wings
Bally Sports Florida Miami Marlins Miami Heat Florida Panthers
Bally Sports Indiana Indiana Pacers
Bally Sports Kansas City Kansas City Royals
Bally Sports Midwest St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Blues
Bally Sports New Orleans New Orleans Pelicans
Bally Sports North Minnesota Twins Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Wild
Bally Sports Ohio Cincinnati Reds Cleveland Cavaliers Columbus Blue Jackets
Bally Sports Oklahoma Oklahoma City Thunder
Bally Sports SoCal Anaheim Ducks
Bally Sports San Diego San Diego Padres
Bally Sports South Atlanta Braves Atlanta Hawks Nashville Predators
Bally Sports Southeast Charlotte Hornets/Memphis Grizzlies Carolina Hurricanes
Bally Sports Southwest Texas Rangers Dallas Mavericks Dallas Stars
Bally Sports Sun Tampa Bay Rays Orlando Magic Tampa Bay Lightning
Bally Sports West Los Angeles Angels LA Clippers Los Angeles Kings
Bally Sports Wisconsin Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Bucks
Marquee Sports Network Chicago Cubs
Bally Sports Great Lakes Cleveland Indians
YES Network New York Yankees Brooklyn Nets

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