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YouTube TV Adds Free Preview of MLB.TV Until March 31st

Jason Gurwin

In February, YouTube TV and MLB.TV announced a new deal that would bring the out-of-market streaming package to the Live TV Streaming Service. Until March 30th, you will be able to watch the rest of Spring Training 2021 for free on YouTube TV, with a free preview.

MLB.TV includes out-of-market access to almost every game (excluding ESPN, FOX, and MLB Network telecasts). This is ideal for fans who live away from your favorite team or want to catch teams or players out of your local area. You’ll also be able to watch every Spring Training game without local blackouts.

MLB.TV telecasts will be available in the YouTube TV grid guide, but if you use a “Custom Guide”, you must make sure to go to “Settings” —> “Live Guide” to add them.

While it’s not the return of Regional Sports Networks like many fans had hope, during the regular season local telecasts are available on-demand without blackouts 90 minutes after a game end. Since YouTube TV no longer offers Fox Sports RSNs, while not ideal, this is at least way to watch the games in its entirety.

The only option to stream YES Network, Marquee Sports Network, and Fox Sports RSNs, which will soon be Bally Sports RSNs, is AT&T TV Choice Plan. For a limited time, customers will also get a free year of HBO Max, when they subscribe.

MLB.TV hasn’t been offered by any other Live TV Streaming Service, but it has been available through Amazon Prime Video Channels for the last few seasons. Through YouTube TV, MLB.TV will cost $24.99 per month or $129.99 for the entire season, a savings of roughly $45.

They don’t offer a single-team plan, which is available through the MLB website for $109.99.

MLB.TV is a bit more expensive for the 2021 season, from what was supposed to be $121.99 last season, but the numbers shifted due to the COVID-shortened season. T-Mobile subscribers can get MLB.TV for free, thanks to a partnership between MLB and T-Mobile. Subscribers will be able to access a T-Mobile Tuesday link starting on March 30, meaning they’ll miss out on Spring Training, but can watch the regular season on T-Mobile’s dime