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The Magick Lantern Cycle Online Streaming Guide

Though later released as a singular DVD, this collection of nine short films are considered seminal works by renown filmmaker Kenneth Anger were made from 1947 to 1972. Together they are commonly identified as “The Magick Lantern Cycle”, and “form the basis of Anger’s reputation as one of the most influential independent filmmakers in cinema history.”

  • Fireworks

    31 de diciembre de 1947

    Fireworks revolves around a young man (played by Anger himself) associating with various navy sailors, who eventually turn on him, stripping him naked and beating him to death, ripping open his chest to find a clock ticking inside. Several fireworks then explode, accompanied by a burning Christmas tree and the final shot shows the young man lying in bed next to another topless man.

  • Puce Moment

    1 de enero de 1949

    Puce Moment is a short 6 minute film by Kenneth Anger, author of the Hollywood Babylon books, filmed in 1949. Puce Moment resulted from the unfinished short film Puce Women. The film opens with a camera watching 1920s style flapper gowns being taken off a dress rack. The dresses are removed and danced off the rack to music. (The original soundtrack was Verdi opera music; in the 1960s, Anger re-released the film with a new psychedelic folk-rock soundtrack performed by Jonathan Halper.) A long-lashed woman, Yvonne Marquis, dresses in the purple puce gown and walks to her vanity to apply perfume. She lies on a chaise lounge which then begins to move around the room and eventually out to a patio. Borzois appear and she prepares to take them for a walk.

  • Eaux d'artifice

    1 de enero de 1953

    A woman dressed elegantly walks purposely through the water gardens at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, as the music of Vivaldi’s Winter movement of The Four Seasons plays. Heavy red filters give a blue cast to the light; water plays across stone, and fountains send it into the air. No words are spoken. Baroque statuary and the sensuous flow of water are back lit. Anger calls it water games.

  • The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

    29 de marzo de 1954

    Lord Shiva wakes. A convocation of magicians in the guise of figures from mythology; a masquerade party at which Pan is the prize. The wine of Hecate is poured: Pan’s cup is poisoned by Shiva. Kali blesses the assembly as a bacchic rite ensues.

  • Scorpio Rising

    7 de octubre de 1963

    A gang of Nazi bikers prepares for a race as sexual, sadistic, and occult images are cut together.

  • Kustom Kar Kommandos

    31 de julio de 1965

    A man in tight jeans buffs his car to the strains of The Paris Sisters’ “Dream Lover”.

  • Invocation of My Demon Brother

    10 de octubre de 1969

    Un concentrado mágico en forma de collage que representa un ritual en el que se invoca a Lucifer. Considerada como una de las más demoníacas películas de Anger, es también un ejemplo perfecto del trabajo de este cineasta, uno de los malditos de la contracultura norteamericana que trabaja en esta ocasión con Mick Jagger o Anton LaVey.

  • Rabbit's Moon

    2 de enero de 1971

    A Japanese fairy tale meets commedia dell’Arte. All in white, the naïf Pierrot lies in a wood. Doo-wop music plays as he rises, stares about, and reaches for the moon. Although music abounds and the children of the wood are there at play, Pierrot is melancholy and alone. Harlequin appears, brimming with confidence and energy. He conjures the lovely Colombina. Pierrot is dazzled. But can the course of true love run smooth?

  • Lucifer Rising

    10 de abril de 1974

    Particular visión de Kenneth Anger acerca de la nueva era preconizada por el mago Aleister Crowley. Film experimental con una sucesión de imágenes de caracteres mágicos y psicotrónicos con el antiguo Egipto como telón de fondo.

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