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Tōyama no Kin-san Collection Online Streaming Guide

Eighteen films from Toei starring Chiezō Kataoka as official of the Tokugawa shogunate during the Edo period.

  • The Official And The Princess of Thieves

    5 de enero de 1951
  • Falcon Magistrate

    17 de noviembre de 1957

    Toyama Kinshiro, a commissioner from northern Edo, goes undercover to unravel the mystery behind a series of murders. Kinshiro, played by Kataoka Chiezo, is most famous for the cherry blossom tattoos on his shoulder which he reveals at the moment of judgement.

  • Fireball Magistrate

    12 de mayo de 1958

    Two guardians of the Nijo Castle, Shioya and Kamazawa, discover a map leading to a secret passage to Edo Castle. Instead of reporting their find to local authorities, they decide to blackmail the lords who created the forbidden passage. To prove their crime, Magistrate Toyama Kinshiro launches a private undercover investigation.

  • Magistrate Toyama 3: The Whirlwind Magistrate

    1 de enero de 1959

    One of the most popular history-based characters is back when Magistrate Saemonojo Toyama no Kinsan investigates the tragic shipwreck of the ‘Sadomaru’ near Cape Kasumigaseki. The ship carrying gold bars from Sado Island to Edo for the shogunate disappeared into the ocean on a day with clear skies and no wind. While it is conveniently blamed on a surprise tornado or whirlwind, the Sado Magistrate asks his lifelong friend Magistrate Toyama to get to the root of the mystery in order to save his reputation and avoid a life of shame.

  • The Edo Official and Apprentice

    25 de julio de 1959

    It’s an extravaganza of entertainment as famous magistrate in disguise, Toyama no Kinshiro attempts to confront the elusive thief known as the “Long-Sleeve Burglar”. Played to the hilt by Misora Hibari in a delightful performance highlighted by singing, dancing, and swordplay with a unique story within a story twist that starts to unfold in the city jail as a playwright is brought into custody and meets the famed Long-Sleeve Burglar himself. Misora Hibari is totally captivating in this gender bending role as the famed thief whose expoits can only be stopped by the great Kin-san himself!

  • Official with a Tattoo

    15 de marzo de 1960

    Kinnosuke of Toyama sets out on a private mission to clear his father’s name for a crime he did not commit.

  • Magistrate of Dice

    18 de abril de 1961

    Magistrate Kinshiro fights with a group of villains plotting the assassination of the Shogun in Edo.

  • Sakura Official

    28 de febrero de 1962

    As Japan’s Tokugawa shogunate nears the end of its rule, Edo North Magistrate Toyama no Kinsan is called upon to judge the most difficult case of his career. In a masterfully woven tale, he has to face the truth about his estranged father’s possible involvement in a nefarious plot to take over rule of the Hizen Shimabara clan by assassinating the rightful lord, his son, and install one of Shogun Ienari’s offspring as daimyo.

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