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Roku Announces OS Update With Surround Sound Expandability

Stephanie Sengwe

Roku announced today that they launched an OS software update that allows surround sound expansion on Roku Smart Soundbars. The company also revealed that Walmart will be expanding their onn. Roku surround system collection, with the addition of onn. Roku Wireless Surround Speakers. The new speakers will hit the shelves and be available for purchase online in February.

“We want to simplify home theater the same way we simplified streaming and we’re taking a big step towards that vision by expanding our Roku Smart Soundbars to support surround sound capabilities,” said Mark Ely, Vice President, Retail Product Strategy at Roku. “We want customers to be able to expand their system over time without having to spend a lot of money or run wires throughout the home. The Roku Smart Soundbar is an incredible two-in-one device that adds exceptional sound and powerful streaming to a TV and when Roku TV Wireless Speakers and a Roku Wireless Subwoofer are paired with the Smart Soundbar you get truly immersive surround sound without breaking the bank.”

The Roku Smart Soundbar offers premium sound quality — with an easy-to-use 4K and HDR Roku streaming player built in. Roku Smart Soundbars support Dolby Audio from streaming sources such as the Apple TV app, Disney+, Netflix as well as input sources.

The onn. Roku Wireless Surround Speakers will sell for $149 and can be paired with the onn. Roku Smart Soundbar and the onn. Roku Wireless Subwoofer.

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