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Ernest Collection Online Streaming Guide

The adventures of good natured but dim witted Ernest P. Worrell

  • Hey Vern, It's My Family Album

    1 de enero de 1983

    Ernest finds his old family album in the attic and discusses his family members from the album to his neighbor, Vern.

  • The Ernest Film Festival

    1 de enero de 1986

    Before he went to camp, before he went to jail, before he saved Christmas, before he was scared stupid, before he went to Africa and before he was in the army, Ernest P. Worrell hosted a variety of commercials, and a lot of them are here on this video. He even makes public service announcements. It also features many of his bloopers.

  • Ernest's Greatest Hits Volume 1

    1 de enero de 1986

    Before he went to camp, before he went to jail, before he saved Christmas, before he was scared stupid, before he went to Africa and before he was in the army, Ernest P. Worrell hosted a variety of commercials and public service announcements featured here.

  • Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam

    9 de abril de 1986

    Evil baddie Dr. Otto Von-Schnick-ick-ick tries to take over the planet by first destroying all of our financial systems, collapsing the world’s economy and sending populations across the globe into mass panic! Only one goody-goody can stop him.. or can he? The oblivious Lance Sterling is on the case! With the aid of his underappreciated assistant Doris, will Lance manage to save the day and defeat Doctor Otto before the mad scientist’s megalomaniacal plan is fulfilled? Or will the villain succeed in distracting them to their doom with his many convincing costumes, courtesy of his own convenient Changing Coffin? Tune in to find out!

  • Hey Vern, Win $10,000...Or Just Count On Having Fun!

    1 de enero de 1987

    A compilation of Ernest commercials, the VHS included a sweepstakes in which viewers who correctly counted the total mentions of the words “Vern” and “Knowhutimean?” in the video and submitted their answer before April 1, 1988 would be entered into a random drawing to win a $10,000 prize.

  • La batalla del campamento

    22 de mayo de 1987

    Ernest, empleado de mantenimiento y “chapuzas oficial” de un campamento juvenil, sueña con ser monitor. El gobernador envía al campamento a un grupo de muchachos del correccional para seguir un programa de reinserción social. Los instructores no son capaces de ocuparse de estos chicos y Ernest encuentra la ocasión de ver cumplidos sus sueños. La situación se complica cuando el propietario de una compañía minera quiere apoderarse del terreno sobre el que se asienta el campamento.

  • Hay que salvar a Papá Noel

    11 de noviembre de 1988

    Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) trabaja como taxista. Toma un pasajero al aeropuerto, pero la velocidad y el pasajero se cae del taxi. Ernest tarde recoge Santa Claus, que le dice a Ernesto que está en su manera de informar a una celebridad local llamado Joe Carruthers (Oliver Clark) que ha sido elegido para ser el nuevo Santa Claus. Joe había acogido anteriormente programa de televisión para niños llamado “Casa del árbol del tío Joey” en el área de Orlando similar al Barrio de Mister Rogers ‘con énfasis en la educación y la integridad con el eslogan “Ellos nunca envejecen. Siempre se quedan nuevo. Esas tres palabras, por favor y gracias. “Se fue cancelado tres semanas antes y Joe debe conformarse con un nuevo trabajo de leer cuentos a los niños.

  • Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain

    7 de julio de 1989

    An exciting mock documentary produced for the opening of the Splash Mountain attraction at Disneyland. Ernest Goes To Splash Mountain chronicles the adventures of Ernest P. Worrell who trains as America’s first “Splashtranaut” destined to become the very first person to conquer the mountain. Ralph Story, veteran news anchor and his team are determined to cover the momentous event by every angle possible.

  • Ernest Va a la Cárcel

    6 de abril de 1990

    Un abogado sin rescrúpulos descubre que Ernest tiene un gran parecido con su cliente, un jefe del hampa. Cuando Ernest se da cuenta de que ha sido engañado, ya es demasiado tarde, ya que se encuentra entre rejas, mientras que su doble ocupa su puesto en el banco y en la vida de su amiga

  • Ernest Scared Stupid

    11 de octubre de 1991

    Well-intentioned, eternally bumbling Ernest P. Worrell accidentally releases an evil demon from its sacred tomb. As the demon flexes its power and goes on a ruinous rampage, good-guy Ernest tries to step in to save the town from mass destruction. Trouble is, a 200-year-old curse has scared Ernest stupid, and that means hilarity all around! So, kick back and let the laugh-ridden adventures begin.

  • Ernest's Greatest Hits Volume 2

    1 de enero de 1992

    Hey Vern! Your ol’ buddy Ernest is back in a new video that features Commercials, Bloopers, Behind-the-Scenes looks, and special surprises! Ernest sells things like ice cream, soft drinks, dairy products, even beer! He also has public service announcements on drunk driving and more. It also shows how Ernest commercials are made, and with the bloopers, how they’re attempted to be made. It also features many of Ernest’s long lived routines: the window slamming on his hands, falling off a ladder, trying to fix the TV and getting electrocuted, him propping the window with an Acme window stop, removing it and the window falls on him again, Ernest starting to fall off the ladder but tosses an anchor onto the roof, Vern cuts the rope and Ernest goes sailing to the ground.

  • Ernest Rides Again

    12 de noviembre de 1993

    Buffoonish Ernest and his dimwitted pal Abner unearth a huge cannon reputed to contain the crown jewels of England.

  • Your World As I See It

    1 de enero de 1994

    As seen through the eyes of Ernest’s over-educated alter-ego, Astor Clement will attempt to unlock the sociological mysteries of our times. Astor will describe a unique event or ritual that lies at the very heart of the common man’s existence. Then Ernest, with the help of his family members, also played by Jim Varney, will bring that ritual to life with non-stop, slap-stick comedy action.

  • Ernest Goes to School

    14 de diciembre de 1994

    Jim Varney’s recurring dim-bulb character Ernest P. Worrell returns in this film as a school janitor seeking to obtain a high school diploma.

  • Slam Dunk Ernest

    20 de junio de 1995

    Ernest P. Worrell becomes a basketball star after an angel bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gives him a pair of magic sneakers.

  • Ernest Goes to Africa

    27 de junio de 1997

    The title says it all. There’s a mix up involving stolen diamonds which Ernest has (naturally) made into a yo-yo and given to his would be girlfriend, Rene. But Rene wants a man of action, and doesn’t think that Ernest fits the bill. After the bad guys come looking for the stolen diamonds and kidnap Rene, all of her fantasies come true as Ernest has to go to Africa to rescue her.

  • Ernest in the Army

    24 de febrero de 1998

    Ernest P. Worrell is now in the military as a soldier. Once he begins, him and his team investigates a dictator who was responsible for the wars in the nearly village. Suddenly, Ernest finds a lost boy and has to keep him safe until his father recovers.

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