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16 PBS Affiliates Added to DIRECTV STREAM, More to Come

Ben Bowman

More users around the country are able to access PBS member stations with DIRECTV STREAM today. The Streamable confirmed that the following new affiliates have been added to the platform:

New PBS Affiliates on DIRECTV STREAM

  • Los Angeles, CA - KOCE
  • Palm Springs - KOCE
  • Santa Barbara - KOCE
  • Philadelphia, PA - WHYY
  • Monterey-Salinas - KQET
  • San Francisco-Oak-San Jose, CA - KQED
  • Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), FL - WEDU
  • Austin, TX - KLRU
  • Charlotte, NC - WUNG
  • Greensboro-H.Point-W.Salem, NC - WUNL
  • Greenville-N.Bern-Washington, NC - WUNK
  • Myrtle Beach-Florence - WUNU
  • Norfolk-Portsmouth, VA - WUND
  • Raleigh-Durham (Fayetteville), NC - WUNC
  • Wilmington, NC - WUNJ
  • Greenvlle-Sprtnbrg-Ash.,And., NC - WUNF
  • Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, MI - WDCQ
  • Toledo, OH - WGTE

DIRECTV STREAM representatives say more affiliates will follow shortly.

Existing PBS Markets Available on DIRECTV STREAM

  • Washington D.C.
  • Minneapolis
  • Sioux Falls
  • Miami
  • West Palm Beach
  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Cleveland
  • Sacramento

Over time, the plan is to incorporate hundreds of local PBS stations into the streaming service. DIRECTV STREAM started streaming the PBS Kids 24/7 channel earlier this year.

Although PBS has a free streaming app, Ira Rubenstein, chief digital and marketing officer of PBS, says the organization wants to branch out on other platforms. “We wanted to get distribution on vMVPDs as people are cutting the cord so that we can serve our stations and the people who live in these communities,” Rubenstein told Broadcasting+Cable.

DIRECTV STREAM is at this time the only live TV streaming service besides YouTube TV to offer PBS included in its channel guide. Rubenstein says talks are continuing with other live streaming services. “I’m hopeful that when some of the others see we have yet another deal done, they will start feeling some pressure to figure out how they can add us,” he said.

Why is PBS Not on All Live Streaming Services?

PBS had previously said the holdup is that streaming services want a national feed, but PBS refused. PBS wants to be treated like a local network affiliate where its 330+ member channels can also show their local content. While PBS stations appear on every cable provider as a must-carry channel, those rules do not apply in the streaming world.

No matter where you live, you should be able to access the free PBS app. PBS Kids is also a wonderful free app for children that has live streaming capability.

What Can You Watch on PBS?

PBS is packed with great content, including the stellar documentary series “Frontline,” the music series “Austin City Limits,” the travel guide “Rick Steves’ Europe” and Ken Burns’ documentary miniseries like “Muhammad Ali.” This move promises consumers shows like “Antique Roadshow” and other PBS classics. Users around the country will also find programs produced specifically for their area.


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