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Wallander Online Streaming Guide

Collection of the Wallander movies

  • Wallander 01 - Innan Frosten

    13 de enero de 2005

    In “Before the Frost”, a fanatical sect is suspected to be behind some horrific violent crimes in Ystad. Henning Mankell’s sharp-eyed commissioner receives assistance from her daughter Linda (Johanna Sällström), a newly-graduated police officer, and criminal inspector Stefan Lindman (Ola Rapace). The first of 32 films with Krister Henriksson as the popular commissioner Kurt Wallander

  • Wallander 02 - Byfånen

    3 de agosto de 2005

    In the second film with Krister Henriksson as Kurt Wallander, a man enters a bank and threatens to blow it up in the air unless his demands are met. Henning Mankell’s sharp-eyed commissioner has the assistance of daughter Linda (Johanna Sällström), newly graduated police officer, and criminal inspector Stefan Lindman (Ola Rapace).

  • Los hermanos

    7 de septiembre de 2005

    Olof y Carlina Wrangel son encontrados muertos en su casa . La esposa fue torturada y violada delante de su marido antes de que ambos fueran asesinados.

  • Wallander 04 - Mörkret

    12 de octubre de 2005

    Krister Henriksson plays the lead role as Henning Mankell’s sharp-eyed Commissioner Kurt Wallander at the Ystad Police. After a girl’s suicide, they come across a tangle on the track that affects several girls at the same school, a case that deeply affects Linda Wallander (Johanna Sällström). Linda’s closest colleague is Detective Stefan Lindman (Ola Rapace).

  • Wallander 05 - Afrikanen

    16 de noviembre de 2005

    Kurt Wallander (Krister Henriksson) receives a murder case from the Polish police, it turns out that the victim was shot dead on board a train in Sweden. Most of his face is shot away and for Wallander personally the case gets an unexpected turn. His two closest police colleagues are the daughter Linda (Johanna Sällström), newly graduated police officer, and criminal inspector Stefan Lindman (Ola Rapace).

  • Wallander 07 - Mastermind

    16 de diciembre de 2005

    Kurt Wallander and the other police officers try to find the connection between a horrible murder taken place in Ystad and the kidnapping of one of the police force’s daughter. It also seems someone has infiltrated the police and controls every move the police make.

  • Inspector Wallander: El punto débil

    15 de marzo de 2006

    Un agricultor es encontrado muerto, y casi todo demuestra que fue pateado por un caballo. Sin embargo, la autopsia demuestra todo lo contrario: había sido golpeado hasta la muerte….

  • Wallander - Fotografen

    10 de mayo de 2006
  • Wallander 09 - Täckmanteln

    19 de julio de 2006
  • Wallander 10 - Luftslottet

    23 de agosto de 2006
  • Wallander 11 - Blodsband

    25 de octubre de 2006
  • Wallander 12 - Jokern

    1 de noviembre de 2006
  • Wallander 13 - Hemligheten

    10 de noviembre de 2006
  • Wallander 14 - Hämnden

    9 de enero de 2009

    Kurt Wallander has bought a dream house by the sea, but his peace and quiet is soon shattered when a man is murdered and an explosion in one of Ystad’s power grids shuts down the electricity in the whole city.

  • Wallander 15 - Skulden

    17 de junio de 2009
  • Wallander 16 - Kuriren

    22 de julio de 2009
  • Wallander 17 - Tjuven

    19 de agosto de 2009
  • Wallander 18 - Cellisten

    16 de septiembre de 2009
  • Wallander 19 - Prästen

    21 de octubre de 2009
  • Wallander 20 - Läckan

    18 de noviembre de 2009
  • Wallander 21 - Skytten

    16 de diciembre de 2009
  • Wallander 22 - Dödsängeln

    20 de enero de 2010
  • Wallander 23 - Vålnaden

    24 de marzo de 2010
  • Wallander 24 - Arvet

    21 de abril de 2010

    When Manfred Stjarne is stabbed to death outside the Brada cider factory his wife Claire has inherited - suspicion falls on Polish worker Jan Kowalski, with whose wife Manfred was having an affair, but Jan is found hanged - later evidence suggesting foul play. Benjamin Wilkes, an ex-psychologist who helped Manfred select redundancy candidates, is killed in the same way as Manfred, putting disgruntled ex-Brada employees in the frame, but a third slaying implicates a former patient of Wilkes, who has connections to the Stjarne family. A newly loved-up Isabelle and Pontius start to fool around whilst on surveillance, taking their eye off the ball and allowing this suspect to confront Claire.

  • Wallander 25 - Indrivaren

    10 de junio de 2010

    A young woman is killed and robbed in her apartment. The trail leads to her indebted ex-boyfriend, a bouncer. In the investigation, the police officer Pontus notices that his colleague is nervous. Isabell carries around a dark secret: one of the suspects in this case has a means of pressure against her in her hand. Commissioner Wallander has a great deal on the capable young policewoman, whose loyalty to her fatherly superior is subjected to a hard test of endurance.

  • Wallander 26 - Vittnet

    21 de julio de 2010
  • Wallander 27 - Den orolige mannen

    11 de enero de 2013

    Wallander has become a grandfather and is trying to seize the role as good as it goes, because he wants to be closer to his daughter Linda and her family. When Linda’s father in law mysteriously disappears, Wallander is drawn into the case that takes him back in time to the Cold War and the submarine violations in the Stockholm archipelago. At the same time he’s starting to suspect that something is not right with him…

  • Wallander 28 - Försvunnen

    19 de junio de 2013
  • Wallander 29 - Sveket

    24 de julio de 2013
  • Wallander 30 - Saknaden

    23 de agosto de 2013

    A young woman is found dead in Ystad. When the police begin the case, they are told that the woman came from Moldova and that she worked as a prostitute in Sweden. Kurt, who leads the case, decides to seek out the woman’s family in Moldova. When he returns to Sweden, he is involved in a car accident and takes a leave of absence from work. Around the same time Kurt finds where is forgetfulness comes from.

  • Wallander 31 - Mordbrännaren

    25 de septiembre de 2013
  • Wallander 32 - Sorgfågeln

    23 de octubre de 2013

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