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Hulu Says More Than Half of Viewers Binge-Watch Shows on Service

Fern Siegel

Streaming has changed the way Americans watch TV — and during the Covid-19 pandemic, viewing rates have skyrocketed. For example, content discovery on Hulu has increased 25% during this time.

The streamer’s latest Hulu Insight, based on July/August findings from both internal data and cord-cutting data from Comscore, is revealing.

Specifically, Hulu found 96% of its viewers are likely to seek content with full series available, 93% are open to committing to a full TV series. While 62% of Hulu viewers are watching full series alone, 54% of viewers are watching content with a significant other.

Rather than settle for limited series, however, 78% are looking for shows with more seasons, given the attachment many feel to characters and story lines. For those longing for a full-series commitment, preferred genres are adult animation, comedy, reality and kids content.

On the binge front, nine out of 10 viewers saying have all episodes available at once makes a show more enjoyable. More than half (51%) of Hulu viewers frequently binge-watch (3 or more episodes in one sitting) and 30% watch 10+ hours of content per week.

Hulu is also drilling down into TV consumption and how specific demos are watching in this shelter-at-home year. Some 90% of Americans 13-to-54 stream video content — 75% fill their media consumption time streaming videos. Hulu dubs them “Generation Stream.”

The study notes: “The ripple effect of streaming is as powerful as it is universal. Virtually all (95%) of Generation Stream say streaming has changed their viewing experience in at least one way, from being able to binge content to having more control over their viewing experience to watching niche content.”

For Gen Zs, those born between 1997 and 2012, streaming is a self-exploration process, particularly for teens and 20somethings.

There are also four specific viewing preferences for Generation Stream: Classic – set times with family and friends; Curated – selecting movies/TV shows that kick-start cultural conversations; Therapeutic – viewing content that is meditative and reflective; and Indulgent – binging through several seasons of a favorite show.

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