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You Can Now Subscribe to AMC Premiere and Curiosity Stream with YouTube TV

YouTube TV subscribers now have the option to add two new services to their accounts: AMC Premiere and Curiosity Stream.

AMC Premiere is available for $5 a month and allows subscribers to watch ad-free episodes and movies that air on AMC. You can binge full seasons of old shows, as well as current AMC shows on the same day they air.

This is the first time the service has been available as a digital add-on. Previously, subscribers could only get AMC Premiere through cable and satellite operators.

Similar to YouTube TV, fuboTV previously announced that the service would be coming to their subscribers later this year.

Curiosity Stream is a streaming service started by Discovery founder John Hendricks which includes 1,700 on demand science, technology and nature documentary and features. The subscription can be added to YouTube TV for $3 a month.

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