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How to Stream Coverage of the 2020 Nevada Caucuses Live Online on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS and Android

Stephanie Sengwe

The Nevada caucuses take place on Saturday and after the controversy surrounding the Iowa caucuses, the Democratic party is working to ensure they go off without a hitch. Coverage of the caucuses will be broadcast on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

How to Watch Coverage of the 2020 Nevada Caucuses

Unlike Iowa, Nevada has closed caucuses meaning only Democrats can vote in them. The state of Nevada allows anyone who is eligible to vote and will be 18-years-old on Election Day to participate, according to KIRO 7. Voters are able to register on the same day as the caucus or can even change party affiliation at an early vote location or caucus day location.

“The state has 36 delegates. Twenty-three are allocated by congressional district. Thirteen are at large, eight of those delegates are party leaders and elected officials. Nevada also has 12 superdelegates,” KIRO 7 explained. “Superdelegates may vote for any candidate they choose to during the Democratic National Convention, but in a change of rules for the 2020 convention, superdelegates will not vote until and unless there is a second round of nominating voting.”

Going into Saturday’s caucuses, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is currently ahead of the other candidates with 25 percent support, a seven-point lead over former Vice President Joe Biden who came in at 18 percent.

To ensure that the debacle that occurred in Iowa doesn’t happen in Nevada, the party has decided not to use the app used to tally the Iowa caucuses.

How to Stream Coverage of the 2020 Nevada Caucuses

You can stream coverage of the 2020 Nevada Caucuses live with a Live TV Streaming Service, or you can watch with your TV Everywhere credentials using the CNN, MSNBC and Fox News mobile apps for iOS and Android or watch on their sites.

Photo credit: Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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