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Die Lümmel von der ersten Bank Movies Online Streaming Guide

  • Zur Hölle mit den Paukern

    April 3, 1968

    Pepe Nietnagel and his fellow students of the Mommsen school come up with all kinds of ideas to get out of doing any actual school work. This includes simulating suicides, setting off the air-raid sirens and abusing the school director’s new broadcasting system. They succeed in sending their teacher to a sanatorium and get a replacement that turns out to not be so bad after all.

  • Zum Teufel mit der Penne

    December 11, 1968

    Pepe Notnagel (who inexplicably had his name changed from the first movie’s Nietnagel) and his classmates scheme to get around doing any actual school work by cheating or sending their teachers to the sanatorium. A Swiss documentary film maker disguises himself as his brother in law, who got a position as an exchange teacher, to aid his project of making a movie about the current youth.

  • Pepe, der Paukerschreck

    June 26, 1969

    Mommsen Gymnasium director Taft secretly places his nephew as a spy with the difficult class of Pepe Nietnagel. During the celebration for the 100th anniversary, a simulated fire forces the school to shut down for a week. The director’s attempt to get a tough teacher assigned by the department of education results in the exact opposite because of Nietnagel’s intervention.

  • Hurrah, the School Is Burning

    December 17, 1969

    A new teacher, Dr. Dr. Bach, is transferred from his quiet village elementary school to the Mommsen Gymnasium, bringing along his nephew Jan. Bach’s lackadaisical methods raise the suspicions of the other teachers.

  • Wir hau'n die Pauker in die Pfanne

    July 7, 1970

    Principal Gottlieb Taft’s twin brother Gotthold Taft partakes in the most recent prank by faking his death and promising a large inheritance to the Mommsen-Gymnasium and the principal. Of course, the inheritance is tied to many embarrassing conditions.

  • Morgen fällt die Schule aus

    May 27, 1971

    Pepe Nietnagel’s father has a valuable stamp collection stolen in Amsterdam. Street musician Pit recovers it. To show his gratitude, Pit is invited to Baden Baden and enters the Mommsen Gymnasium. There, he joins Pepe in his pranks.

  • Betragen ungenügend!

    June 6, 1972

    A German comedy from 1972 directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb. Mommsen Gymnasium director Taft reminisces about his own time as a student.

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