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I 3 Supermen - Collezione Movies Online Streaming Guide

  • The Three Fantastic Supermen

    February 4, 1967

    FBI agent Brad joins Tony and Nick, the self styled Supermen who battle crime wearing bullet-proof super-suits. They are on a case involving radioactive counterfeit money and people who can be broken down into precious jewels.

  • Three Supermen in Tokyo

    May 3, 1968

    The Three Fantastic Supermen travel to Tokyo in search of a stolen miniaturization ray which they end up testing upon themselves.

  • Three Supermen in the Jungle

    February 27, 1970

    The Three Supermen attempt to reclaim the stolen lease of a uranium mine.

  • Three Supermen of the West

    August 28, 1973

    With their time machine, the three Supermen try to recover antique treasures and end up in the West and find the most famous treasure of THE BANDIT. But the treasures vanish when they try to take them into their time.

  • Supermen Against the Orient

    November 29, 1973

    Robert Wallace travels to Hong Kong to bust a gang of drug trafficker’s. There he finds help from Tang and Suzy, as well as his fellow Supermen Max & Jerry.

  • 3 Supermen Against Godfather

    January 1, 1979

    The German professor tries out his time machine in Turkey. Everybody is after this new invention - Superman Detective Murat, his cheating colleagues Atak and Matrak as well as the mob leader. Agatha, the daughter of the mob leader, steals heroin with her father’s man. The mob leader wants to detect their place by the time machine. Murat, Matrak and Atak struggle for the machine, but the machine blows up, the Professor loses his memory. Atak and Matrak kidnap him. (IMDb)

  • Three Supermen at the Olympic Games

    January 1, 1984

    The three supermen go to the Olympics and mayhem ensues.

  • 3 Supermen in Santo Domingo

    December 3, 1987

    Three masked crimefighters travel to South America to battle a gang of counterfeiters.

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