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Love Stories 2 Series Movies Online Streaming Guide

Love Stories 2 Series

  • The Reunion: Forbiddden Love

    January 23, 2016

    A romantic drama depicting a housewife vacillating between a former lover and her husband directed by Narita Yusuke who was involved in the “Abunai Deka” and “BE-BOP High School” series. Odashima Yumiko (Kumakiri Asami), a housewife, lives a happy albeit unexceptional life with her older husband Yukihiko (Motomiya Yasukaze), an orthopedist. One day, a couple moves into the home opposite their own. Yumiko learns their new neighbor is her former lover Miyazawa Koji (Okuchi Kengo) and his wife…

  • Mood Swings

    February 1, 2016

    Romantic comedy about a woman struggling with work and romance as she tries to figure out how to really live and love. Directed by Kataoka Shuji of the “Shin janki” and “Yakuza no daimon” series. Shimamura Misaki (Seto Saki), who works for a company in the restaurant industry, is a go-getter spinning her wheels and making little headway in either romance or work. An older colleague asks her to organize a wedding, and then she gets asked to serve as an interim manager at an udon shop operated by her company. Her troubles pile on, and then the restaurant manager Iwabuchi Tatsuya (Shibata Akiyoshi) does a certain something to the exhausted Misaki.

  • The Temptation Came at Stormy Night

    August 9, 2016

    Romantic fantasy about the ruckus that ensues after a mother and daughter switch bodies. Director Imaoka Shinji wrote the script for The Drudgery Train and has worked on numerous erotic films.
    Housewife Suda Sawako (Takaki Mio) is dissatisfied with her husband Kenzo (Haruta Junichi). Meanwhile, her daughter Yasuko (Ishikawa Yumi) is going out with Kitamura Mitsuru (Nagaoka Tasuku), a struggling musician. When Sawako visits Yasuko’s apartment one day, her built-up frustrations explode and she gets into a physical altercation with her daughter.

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