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Disney Plus Customers Hacked After Launch Still Facing Problems

Fern Siegel

Only 24 hours after Disney+ launched, the service hit 10 million subscribers. But thousands of customers also reported they were hacked after signing up for Disney+.

Hackers put stolen accounts up for sale on the dark web, the BBC News reported. Other users were locked out of their accounts. As of today, the BBC News says Disney has yet to fix many customers’ problems.

BBC News contacted Jason Hill, a lead researcher with CyberInt, who said many of the stolen accounts were from people who use the same passwords for different sites. Hill said hackers try the password on a new site, like Disney+. If it works, they steal the account.

Customers say they saw their emails and passwords changed.

An investigation by ZDNet found some accounts were either free or for sale — from $3 to $11. Disney+ costs $6.99 a month.

Also, a tweet by @KurtzOperations noted that, “If your account was hacked there is next to no way to log everyone out.” This is one of the big differences between Disney+ and Netflix if your account gets hacked.

Separately, the Disney+ launch was also hit with technical issues for the first few hours after launch. Users reported they could not stream favorite movies and shows, but was resolved later in the morning. Twitter and Reddit ran numerous complaints.

One of the big selling points of Disney+, aside from its huge inventory, is that customers can bundle packages – the ad-supported Hulu tier and ESPN — together. Customers can get both for $12.99 a month, which is $5 less than if they subscribed to each service separately.