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False Alarm, Amazon Prime Video App to Return to App Store After Technical Issue

Jason Gurwin

Update: 10/4 at 2:20pm with Statement from Amazon

After Prime Video App disappeared from the App Store this morning, many wondered with Apple and Amazon were in a feud. People close to the matter have now confirmed to us that the Appโ€™s removal was a technical issue and will be back up on the App Store shortly.

In a statement, an Amazon Spokesperson said:

โ€œEarlier today, there was a technical glitch that impacted the Prime Video app on iOS and tvOS devices. The issue has been resolved, and the Prime Video app is now once again available in the App Store.โ€

This morning, the app began not showing up in searches, users who previously had installed Prime Video on their Apple devices said they were still able to use it and it can be found in purchases. Existing app installations work on iOS 13.1.2, the iOS 13.2 beta, and the tvOS 13 release version.

The exact technical issue is unclear. Amazon recently issued an app update for X-ray view in some sporting events, so it is possible there is a glitch with the update thatโ€™s causing it to malfunction and withdrawal from the app temporarily.