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How to Change App Shortcut Buttons on Chromecast Remote

Stephanie Sengwe

The Chromecast with Google TV has been all the rage since Google announced its launch during their Launch Night In. The device is garnering so much attention because its the first Android TV device with built-in Google TV interface.

While it comes with many features and perks, one of the most alluring aspects of the device is its remote. In addition to the standard directional pad, the remote comes with a button for Google Assistant and enables the user to assign favorite functions to some buttons. The remote also comes with shortcut buttons for services such as Netflix and YouTube.

How to Customize the Netflix and YouTube Buttons

If you are not a frequent user of YouTube, for example, but you use related apps such YouTube TV or YouTube Music, all you have to is press and hold the YouTube button, and a menu will pop up, giving you the option to select your favorite YouTube app.

  1. Tap and Hold the YouTube button
  2. It will bring up a screen with the different YouTube apps (if you have them installed)
  3. Select the app you want assigned to the button.

How to Remap Remote Buttons on Chromecast with Google TV

Unfortunately, you can’t change it to any other services. But there is a great third-party app called Button Mapper that will let you do just that.

With Button Mapper, you can choose different apps or functions for any of the keys on the remote, including the YouTube and Netflix buttons. Not only can you turn it into a Hulu or Disney+ launch, you can also change functions to take screenshots or add a dedicated Play/Pause button.

  1. Click here to install Button Mapper
  2. After you launch Button Mapper, follow the on-screen instructions to enable Accessibility Access (Settings —> Accessibility)
  3. Go back to Button Mapper, and choose “Add Buttons”
  4. Select “Add Buttons”
  5. Tap the button you want to change, like the “YouTube” button
  6. Select that button from the interface (e.g. Button 2)
  7. Select “Customize” to change “Single Tap”, “Double Tap”, or “Long Press” to different shortcuts
  8. Choose “Single Tap” to most closely match an app shortcut
  9. Switch the drop-down from “Actions” to “Apps” and choose the streaming app you want to use

That’s it! Now you have changed the shortcut keyboard to another app. You can also add a “Long Press” to the same key to add multiple apps to the same one.

In addition to remapping your buttons, the Google TV remote supports IR to turn power on your device, change inputs, and change volume.

The Chromecast with Google TV costs $49.99, $20 less than the Chromecast Ultra. It comes in three colors, Snow, Sky, and Sunrise and will began shipping Sept. 30. Google is also offering a bundle of the Chromecast with Google TV for $89.99 with 6 months of Netflix ($77.94 value) for new and returning subscribers.

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