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DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR: Your Questions Answered

DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR: Your Questions Answered

Since DIRECTV NOW launched their True Cloud DVR last week, we’ve gotten a lot of questions from our readers.

We’ve gone through our inbox and answered the most common questions, so you’re not missing any of the details on the DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR.

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  • You can record 20 hours to save for up to 30 days (or upgrade to 100 hours later this summer)
  • You can fast forward or skip ahead through most recordings
  • You can record either an individual episode or an entire series
  • You can’t pad events, so you may miss part if they run over their scheduled time
  • The recording will start from when you hit record, even if you were already on that channel


How many hours of storage is included with the DIRECTV NOW Cloud DVR?

  • The DVR includes 20 hours of recording time and recordings last for 30 days.
  • You will be able to upgrade to a 100-hour DVR with recordings that last 90 days this summer ($10 / month).

Can I schedule series recordings on the DIRECTV NOW Cloud DVR?

  • The DVR lets you record individual episodes or a series recording.
  • You can either schedule all episodes or only new episodes.

Can I fast forward on the DIRECTV NOW Cloud DVR?

  • You can fast forward through most recorded content.
  • They also give the option to skip back and forth 15 seconds at a time.

Can I pad recordings of live sports or events on DIRECTV NOW Cloud DVR?

  • The DVR does not let you extend recordings.
  • Your best bet is to record the episode after the event to make sure it gets the full broadcast.

Can I use the DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR on my device?

The Cloud DVR and new features will initially be available on:

  • iPhone & iPads (iOS 10+)
  • Apple TV (4th gen and later)
  • Chromecast (for iOS)
  • Chrome & Safari
  • It is currently in testing on Android, Roku, and Fire TV.

How does the DIRECTV NOW True Cloud DVR compare to other Live TV Streaming Services?

  • DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV are the only services that let you set both individual and series recordings.
  • Most others start the recording when you tune into the channel, but True Cloud DVR starts when you hit record
  • The DVR lets you skip commercials which doesn’t happen on most shows on Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV
  • There is no thumbnail preview as you fast forward, but the seeking is very smooth
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