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Hulu Launches “Watch Party” to Stream Shows with Your Friends

Jason Gurwin

During shelter-in-place, more and more people have realized how much they miss watching shows and movies with family and friends. While there have been third-party apps like NetflixParty and Scener that have filled the void on services like Netflix and HBO — Hulu has now added the feature themselves (no plug-in required).

Hulu is now testing a new feature called “Hulu Watch Party”, which will enable viewers to virtually watch Hulu with others. Currently, the feature is available to those with Hulu (No Ads) streaming on Hulu Watch Party is available for thousands of movies and shows in Hulu’s on-demand streaming library, but it doesn’t support Hulu + Live TV.

How to Launch a “Hulu Watch Party”

  • Go to Show or Movie Detail Page
  • Click the “Watch Party” icon
  • Copy the link to invite family and friends

While watching, you can chat with the other viewers in real time. You can control your own playback, but if you need a bathroom break, you can click “Catch Up” to rejoin where the rest of the group is watching. The feature is available on PC and Mac on all browsers that Hulu supports without the need of separate plug-in or extension.