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Sling TV Pushes Major Update to Apple TV App to ‘Launch Into Live’ & ‘Browse While Watching’

Jason Gurwin

In January, Sling TV had a major overhaul of their Apple TV app. Their new app added an updated grid guide, more informative show pages, improved player controls, and better management of favorites & recordings.

Then in July, they streamlined the app to better match the rest of the interface. The top half of the app became dedicated to information as your scroll over different tiles throughout the app. Now, the company is taking further advantage of the new design by adding two major features — Browse While Watching and Launch into Live.

Launch Into Live

When opening the Sling TV app on Apple TV, users will now launch into the last channel they were watching instead of navigating through “My TV.” This allows users to get to their preferred programming more quickly, without any additional clicks.

If you prefer the My TV section, you have the choice to disable Launch Into Live in your Sling TV settings. Simply select the Settings via the cog icon in the upper right corner of your screenand navigate to Preferences to uncheck “Auto-Play Video When App Launches.”

Browse While Watching

Apple TV users will also have the ability to browse other content on Sling while their current channel plays in the background. Viewers will see a half-screen guide, while still being able to view and hear the current channel.

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