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Tivo to Launch Video Streaming Platform, Tivo+, in October

Stephanie Sengwe

It seems Tivo will be launching a new product come October. According to Bloomberg, the company plans on debuting Tivo+, a platform that integrates new streaming services with the company’s core TV console, similar to Amazon Channels.

After the launch of Tivo+, CEO Dave Shull told Bloomberg that he plans to create a more unified interface for the company’s 22 million customers, with other sources of revenue besides advertising.

While the launch of Tivo+ seems simple at first, reports say the platform’s “functionality is destined for much deeper integration and higher billing.” According to ZatzNotFunny, Tivo+ is already being advertised and can be found next to ‘What To Watch’ on TiVo’s main menu in pre-release software.

Reports came out back in January that TiVo had plans to launch Apps for Roku, Fire TV, and Apple streaming devices by the end of this year. It was expected that Fire TV would launch first, followed by Roku, then Apple TV. The apps will allow you to watch live television as well as DVR-ed content on your existing streaming device, instead of the company’s own TiVo Mini.