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AT&T Subscribership Continues to Plummet, Company Loses 138,000 AT&T TV NOW Subs in Q1 2020

Stephanie Sengwe

AT&T continues losing subscribers by the quarter. As part of their Q1 report, AT&T revealed they lost 138,000 AT&T TV subscribers and a net loss of 897,000 premium TV subscribers between the DIRECTV satellite TV and U-Verse services. This is in addition to the 219,000 AT&T TV NOW subscribers and 945,000 traditional pay-TV subscribers they lost in the fourth quarter 2019.

The news comes a month after AT&T launched AT&T TV nationwide. The service, which is powered by an Android TV set-top box, comes in a bundle that includes one gigabit AT&T Internet for $39.99/month for video and $39.99/month for internet for 12 months with a 24-month TV agreement until June 27.

Last June, John Donovan, then AT&T Communications CEO, said the AT&T TV service would “radically reshape what your concept of television is.” However, when the company unveiled the service in August, it turned out to be everything people hated about cable and satellite companies — hidden fees contracts, teaser pricing, channels they don’t need — with the similar bundle that you would get with a $50 Live TV Streaming Service.

The company has been lauded with customer complaints regarding their never-ending price hikes. During their October earnings report, the company said they lost another 195,000 AT&T TV NOW subscribers in the third quarter and 1.16 million traditional pay-TV subscribers between the DIRECTV satellite TV and U-Verse services.

Yet, in November, they raised prices on their AT&T TV NOW PLUS and MAX plans by $15. AT&T confirmed to The Streamable that the AT&T TV NOW PLUS plan will increase to $65 (from $50), while the MAX plan will increase to $85 (from $70).

This was after another price hike, where their legacy AT&T TV NOW customers saw an increase in their bills in the course of a month. Depending on their plans, customers would see their bills increase from $55 to $85 while others went from $35 to $65.