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Google is Rebranding Smart Home Devices Under Nest, Meaning Their Next Streaming Device Will Be Nest Chromecast

Jason Gurwin

At Google I/O today, Google announced that they would be moving all of their smart home products under their Nest brand. While this won’t rename existing products, new releases from Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, and Google Chromecast streaming devices will all get the Nest name.

The first product under the brand is the new Google Nest Hub Max. Unlike the previous generation, the new model adds a camera so you can use Google Duo to video chat with friends and family. Additionally, just like the previous smart home assistant you can use your voice to launch and watch YouTube TV on the device.

Most surprising though is that Chromecast will be moving under the Nest brand. The video streaming device that Google launched in 2013, became one of the first low-cost streaming device at just $35. When they launch an updated generation of the device, it will likely be called Google Nest Chromecast.

Chromecast and Nest has been working together for a while. Since 2018, you’ve been able to bring up your live Nest camera on Chromecast devices — so the fact that they are now working closer together makes sense.