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Apple CEO Tim Cook Outlines Apple TV+ Strategy

Jeff Kotuby

In a sit-down interview with Sway’s Kara Swisher, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about many facets of Apple’s business — including the company’s plan for Apple TV+.

When Swisher broached the subject of Netflix, Cook said he had little interest in competing with the streaming giant. “We’re about making the best, not the most,” Cook said, “and so in the TV Plus area, we’re about originals only on Apple.”

Cook doubled down on the notion of Apple’s content focus, saying “Yes, and we’re putting all of ourselves into it. It is not a hobby. It is not a dip your toe in. Because it’s an original focus, we don’t instantly have a catalog with 500 things in it.”

Apple TV+’s content library is an interesting case. While shows like the pandemic hit “Ted Lasso” have done well for the service, the platform’s other shows haven’t matched them — including Apple TV+’s feature series, “The Morning Show,” which received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. There have been recent successes in the form of “Greyhound,” the Tom Hanks-powered World War II thriller, and “Defending Jacob,” the Chris Evans-led project based on a real story of one man’s struggle between his job and his family. The well-received programs haven’t translated to paying subscribers, though.

It was revealed earlier this year that the majority of the platform’s subscribers don’t even pay for the service — they got it for free with the purchase of a new Apple device. Worse yet, 29 percent of those free subscribers won’t renew once their free trial is up.

Despite these rough waters, though, Apple is continuing to invest in its content library. The company nabbed Keira Knightley for two projects, including a starring role in, “The Essex Serpent,” and we’re also expecting new projects from Oprah Winfrey and Jon Stewart.

No matter how much money Cook and his company pump into their streaming service, though, he doesn’t see himself as just a studio. “I’m not a Hollywood guy,” Cook said. “But Kara, I love great content.”

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  • Ted Lasso

    14 de agosto de 2020

    Ted Lasso, un ingenuo entrenador de fútbol americano que decide probar suerte en un club de fútbol inglés aunque no tiene idea de ese deporte. Su inexperiencia despierta recelo y desdén entre jugadores y aficionados. Con un equipo y una ciudad que lo mira con sospecha, ¿logrará tener éxito?

  • Defending a Jacob

    24 de abril de 2020

    Miniserie basada en la novela homónima, que sigue la historia de Andy Barber, un ayudante del fiscal que, ante un caso de asesinato, ve cómo todas las pruebas conducen a su propio hijo. Dividido entre su deber de defender la justicia y el amor a su hijo, deberá intentar resolver el crimen, cuya víctima es un chico de 14 años, compañero de clase de su hijo.

  • Greyhound: enemigos bajo el mar

    10 de julio de 2020

    Durante los primeros días de la participación de Estados Unidos en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, un convoy internacional de 37 barcos aliados, encabezado por el comandante Ernest Krause, cruza el Atlántico Norte mientras es perseguido por submarinos alemanes.

  • The Morning Show

    1 de noviembre de 2019

    Una mirada al interior de la vida de las personas que ayudan a Estados Unidos a despertarse cada mañana, explorando los desafíos únicos que enfrentan los hombres y mujeres que llevan a cabo este ritual televisado diario.

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