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Our Gang: The Roach/MGM talkies Online Streaming Guide

These sound Our Gang shorts were produced by Hal Roach Studios and distributed to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

  • Small Talk

    18 de mayo de 1929

    The gang are all orphans, hoping to be adopted by nice families where “spinach is not on the menu”. Wheezer, the youngest child, gets adopted by a wealthy couple, while his older sister Mary Ann does not. The gang all comes to visit Wheezer in his new home, setting off an alarm that causes the police and the fire department to come over. At that time, Wheezer’s new mother and father decide to adopt Mary Ann as well. The couple’s friends all each adopt a child as well; even Farina is adopted by the maid at Wheezer’s new home.

  • Railroadin'

    15 de junio de 1929

    The gang is playing around the railroad station, and Joe and Chubby’s father, an engineer, lectures against the kids playing in such a dangerous area. True to his word, after Joe and Chubby’s father leaves, a crazy man starts a train with most of the kids on it, save for Farina who is nearly run over several times.
    Once Farina manages to climb aboard himself, the kids attempt to stop the runaway locomotive, but have no luck until the engine crashes into a grocery truck. As it turns out, however, the entire incident is revealed to be a dream Farina had as Joe and Chubby’s father lectured the kids about rail-yard safety.

  • Lazy Days

    24 de agosto de 1929

    While the other kids and animals find things to do on the farm, Farina becomes single-minded in his quest to do nothing at all.

  • Boxing Gloves

    9 de setiembre de 1929

    The Rascals have a boxing arena that could pack them in if they could find fighters who would actually mix it up. Harry and Farina notice a rivalry between two very large young kids, Joe and Chubby, that would fill the bill if only the two heavyweights would put aside their gentle natures. Farina gets an idea: tell each of the lads that the other will take a dive in the second round. So the fight begins and the stands are filled; but will the combatants actually throw a punch? Ernie has one more trick up his sleeve to get the fists flying and the crowd on its feet. Sweet science indeed.

  • Bouncing Babies

    11 de octubre de 1929

    With Wheezer’s new baby brother getting all the attention, he tries to send the baby back.

  • Moan & Groan, Inc.

    7 de diciembre de 1929

    The gang goes digging for treasure in an old house against Kennedy the Cop’s wishes.

  • Shivering Shakespeare

    25 de enero de 1930

    The gang is participating in a program sponsored by the Golden Age Dramatic League. They present their own fractured version of Quo Vadis. Things go from bad to worse when the neighborhood tough kids disrupt the show. The pie fight is given a new twist by use of some slow motion sequences.

  • The First Seven Years

    1 de marzo de 1930

    Jackie gets in a duel over the affections of Mary Ann.

  • When The Wind Blows

    5 de abril de 1930

    Jackie throws his schoolbook out the window in disgust, but then climbs outside to retrieve it. Finding himself locked out, he tries various means of getting back inside without his parents finding out. When his parents mistake his noises for a burglar, a local policeman is called, but he seems incompetent to catch either the phony burglar or the real one who has shown up in the meantime

  • Bear Shooters

    16 de mayo de 1930

    While on a camping trip, the gang comes across poachers.

  • A Tough Winter

    20 de junio de 1930

    The gang creates a huge mess after they get into a taffy-pulling contest.

  • Pups Is Pups

    30 de agosto de 1930

    The gang decides to enter their animals in a local pet show.

  • Teacher's Pet

    10 de octubre de 1930

    Jackie prepares a series of elaborate jokes for his new teacher.

  • School's Out

    21 de noviembre de 1930

    The kids mistake Miss Crabtree’s brother for a potential boyfriend, and plot to discourage him.

  • Helping Grandma

    2 de enero de 1931

    The kids’ adopted grandma decides to sell her store, but can’t decide whom to sell it to. The kids try to help her out.

  • Little Daddy

    27 de marzo de 1931

    Farina plans a going-away party for Stymie as authorities prepare to place him in an orphanage.

  • Love Business

    13 de abril de 1931

    Miss Crabtree, the teacher Jackie has a crush on, rents a room at Jackie’s house.

  • Bargain Day

    1 de mayo de 1931

    Wheezer and Stymie, door-to-door salesmen, meet a lonely little rich girl.

  • Fly My Kite

    29 de mayo de 1931

    A greedy man tries to get rid of his mother by putting her in an old folks home until he discovers she has a fortune in stock certificates.

  • Big Ears

    28 de agosto de 1931

    Wheezer pretends to be sick in order to get his parents to stop fighting.

  • Shiver My Timbers

    9 de octubre de 1931

    The Gang plays hooky from school so they can listen to the tall tales of a friendly sea captain.

  • Dogs Is Dogs

    21 de noviembre de 1931

    Wheezer and Dorothy are forced to live with her evil stepmother and her brat son.

  • Hook and Ladder

    1 de enero de 1932

    The gang, while playing firemen, come upon a real fire.

  • Readin' and Writin'

    1 de febrero de 1932

    Tired of going to school, Breezy comes up with a plan to get himself expelled.

  • Free Eats

    12 de febrero de 1932

    The kids help capture a family of thieves.

  • Spanky

    25 de marzo de 1932

    While staging a play, Spanky finds his father’s hiding place for the family “fortune.”

  • Choo-Choo!

    7 de mayo de 1932

    The gang trades places with a group of orphans about to take a train ride.

  • The Pooch

    13 de junio de 1932

    The gang tries to save Petey from the dogcatcher.

  • Free Wheeling

    30 de setiembre de 1932

    Stymie takes Dickie for a ride in his runaway car and cures his stiff neck.

  • Birthday Blues

    12 de noviembre de 1932

    Dickie throws a birthday party to try to raise money to buy his mother a birthday present.

  • A Lad an' a Lamp

    17 de diciembre de 1932

    The gang finds what they think is a magic lamp.

  • Fish Hooky

    27 de enero de 1933

    A truant officer spots the kids in an amusement park. They try to escape him.

  • Forgotten Babies

    11 de marzo de 1933

    While the rest of the gang goes fishing, Spanky gets stuck babysitting.

  • The Kid from Borneo

    14 de abril de 1933

    The gang goes to a circus sideshow to visit Dickie and Spanky’s uncle, mistakenly believing he is “The Wild Man from Borneo.”

  • Mush and Milk

    27 de mayo de 1933

    When Cap’s back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park.

  • Bedtime Worries

    8 de setiembre de 1933

    Spanky’s parents are trying unsuccessfully to get Spanky to spend a peaceful first night in his own room.

  • Hi'–Neighbor!

    2 de marzo de 1934

    The gang decides to build their own fire engine.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    13 de abril de 1934

    The kids try to raise money to buy a doll for Marianne.

  • The First Round-Up

    4 de mayo de 1934

    The gang packs up for a camping trip to Cherry Creek two miles from their home, but to them it is the wilderness. After night falls, the hooting owls and croaking frogs conjure up visions of spooks. When a thunderstorm hits, they all scurry for home.

  • Honky-Donkey

    1 de junio de 1934

    Wally (the rich kid of our gang team) brings his pet mule along with the gang back home.

  • Mike Fright

    25 de agosto de 1934

    The gang attends a radio station amateur show.

  • Washee Ironee

    28 de setiembre de 1934

    Rich boy Waldo gets his clothes dirty playing football with the gang just before he has to go to his mother’s society party. The gang tries to help him clean up.

  • Mama's Little Pirate

    2 de noviembre de 1934

    The gang goes after pirate treasure they believe is hidden in a cave.

  • Shrimps for a Day

    7 de diciembre de 1934

    A magic lamp lets a young couple become kids again and exposes a mean old man who runs his orphanage like a prison.

  • Anniversary Trouble

    18 de enero de 1935

    The gang’s treasury is entrusted to Spanky, who accidentally gets it mixed up with his father’s money.

  • Beginner's Luck

    23 de febrero de 1935

    Spanky’s mother’s pushes him to join a local theater amateur night.

  • Teacher's Beau

    27 de abril de 1935

    The gang tries to dissuade their teacher from geting married.

  • Sprucin' Up

    1 de junio de 1935

    A new truant officer moves into the neighborhood, and everybody wants to get friendly with his daughter.

  • Little Papa

    21 de setiembre de 1935

    The gang wants Spanky to come out and play football, but he has to make sure his baby sister is asleep first.

  • Little Sinner

    25 de octubre de 1935

    Rather than go to church, Spanky decides to go fishing - with disastrous results.

  • Our Gang Follies of 1936

    29 de noviembre de 1935

    The gang puts on a show, everything goes well, except they’re missing an act.

  • The Pinch Singer

    3 de enero de 1936

    Alfalfa and our gang try to win fifty dollars on a radio contest.

  • Divot Diggers

    7 de febrero de 1936

    When the caddies at the local golf course go on strike, the gang steps in to earn some money.

  • The Lucky Corner

    13 de marzo de 1936

    The gang help Scotty and his grandfather after an obnoxious lunch counter owner forces them to move their lemonade stand.

  • Second Childhood

    10 de abril de 1936

    A lonely, rich, hypochondriac is celebrating her 65th birthday in the same manner in which she observes the other 364 days of the year by complaining, berating her servants, taking her pills and grumping about everything around her, including the sunshine. A toy airplane comes flying through an open window and breaks a vase, and when its owner, Spanky, comes in search of it he is informed he will have to pay seventy-five cents for the broken vase. Spanly has never seen six-bit, much less having it in his pants, so he offers his and his friend’s help in cleaning up the yard in exchange. Before the kids are through, they’ve given the old lady a new outlook on life.

  • Arbor Day

    2 de mayo de 1936

    Truant officers mistake 2 midgets for members of the gang.

  • Bored of Education

    19 de agosto de 1936

    Spanky and Alfalfa fake a toothache to get out of school.

  • Two Too Young

    25 de setiembre de 1936

    Spanky and Alfalfa try to get Porky’s and Buckwheat’s fireworks.

  • Pay As You Exit

    23 de octubre de 1936

    The “Our Gang” kids stage a production of “Romeo and Juliet,” but the show is threatened when leading lady Darla walks out on star Alfalfa.

  • Spooky Hooky

    24 de diciembre de 1936

    The gang puts a phony absent note on their teacher’s desk so they can go to the circus, then have to get it back when they find out that the class was going on a field trip to the circus anyway.

  • Reunion in Rhythm

    8 de enero de 1937

    The gang puts on a musical show at a reunion for some of the former Gang kids.

  • Glove Taps

    19 de febrero de 1937

    Butch challenges Alfalfa to a fight.

  • Hearts Are Thumps

    2 de abril de 1937

    The gang promises to keep away from girls on St. Valentine’s Day, but Alfalfa can’t resist Darla.

  • Rushin' Ballet

    23 de abril de 1937

    While trying to track down Butch, Spanky and Alfalfa get caught up in a dance recital.

  • Three Smart Boys

    12 de mayo de 1937

    When they overhear Miss Witherspoon, the school superintendent, say that nothing short of an epidemic will allow the school to be closed for a week, the Our Gang conspire to fake illness.

  • Roamin' Holiday

    11 de junio de 1937

    The gang runs away from home, but meet up with a kindly old couple.

  • Night 'n' Gales

    23 de julio de 1937

    Because of a storm, the Gang has to stay overnight at Darla’s house, and they drive her father crazy.

  • Fishy Tales

    27 de agosto de 1937

    Alfalfa tries to back out of a fight by pretending to be incapacitated.

  • Framing Youth

    10 de setiembre de 1937

    Alfalfa and Butch are competing in an amateur radio contest, and Butch tries to fix it so that he will win.

  • The Pigskin Palooka

    28 de octubre de 1937

    While Alfalfa was away at military school, his letters to his friends back home bragged about how he was a star football player. Now that he’s back home, he has to prove it.

  • Mail and Female

    12 de noviembre de 1937

    The Gang’s male members, headed by Spanky, decided to create the “He-Man Woman Haters Club” in reaction to not being invited to one of the girl’s parties.

  • Our Gang Follies of 1938

    18 de diciembre de 1937

    Alfalfa gives up being “King of the Crooners” to sing opera, but a nightmare of being under the thumb of an evil producer sends him back to his roots.

  • Canned Fishing

    11 de febrero de 1938

    Spanky and Alfalfa plot to play hooky so they can go fishing, by pretending that Alfalfa is sick and Spanky should stay with him while the parents are away. But Spanky’s mom, knowing the truth, turns the tables by insisting they also watch Spanky’s little brother. But taking care of little brother turns out to be more difficult than they expected.

  • Bear Facts

    4 de marzo de 1938

    In an effort to impress Darla, Alfalfa tells her that he’s a famous bear trainer. Little does he know that Darla’s father owns a circus - and a bear costume. It’s time for everyone to uncover the “bear facts”.

  • Three Men in a Tub

    25 de marzo de 1938

    Alfalfa and the gang build their own “speedboat” powered by ducks, and challenge Waldo to a race for the hand of Darla.

  • Came the Brawn

    15 de abril de 1938

    Alfalfa enters a rigged wrestling match against the Masked Marvel, unaware that neighborhood bully Butch has secretly donned the disguise of his opponent.

  • Feed 'em and Weep

    6 de mayo de 1938

    It’s Mr. Hood’s birthday and he’s looking forward to a quiet celebration with his family. But Darla’s friends show up with living presents, eat his dinner, argue about Tarzan and Alfalfa croons a special song for the unhappy man.

  • The Awful Tooth

    26 de mayo de 1938

    When one of the Our Gang kids finds money under his pillow after losing a tooth, all the kids decide to get rich by having all their teeth pulled.

  • Hide and Shriek

    18 de junio de 1938

    Detective Alfalfa and his assistants Buckwheat and Porky try to solve a missing-candy case but find themselves in an amusement park haunted house.

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