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WWE Launches Free Version of WWE Network, Streamer Offers Episodes of ‘Monday Night Raw’ and ‘Friday Night SmackDown’

Stephanie Sengwe

News that WWE was relaunching their streaming service, WWE Network, with a free tier first came out in September. At the time, it was reported that the streamer would have three tiers: a free tier, a regular tier (combining free content with subscription benefits like live pay-per-views, on-demand streaming and original programming) and then a premium tier.

It appears the company is sticking to their plans as the The Hollywood Reporter revealed the WWE launched the free tier today. The Free Version of WWE Network, as it’s been named, will offer 15,000 titles including episodes of “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night SmackDown,” “NXT,” as well as new shows such as “Raw Talk,” which will stream every Monday night. The service also comes with original series such as “Monday Night War,” “Ride Along” and “Table for 3” and includes past pay-per-view programming and weekly highlights like “Top 10” and “The Best of WWE.”

The Free Version of WWE Network is not ad-supported, THR reports. According to Jayar Donlan, the executive VP of advanced media at WWE, the streamer is “a balance of providing a great experience for our fans by essentially offering unlimited access to a larger array of programming while still maintaining the value of our more premium content at $9.99 per month.”

Earlier this year, as the advent of COVID-19 forced many people to stay at home, WWE unlocked the streaming service, offering their vast library — including all past WrestleManias — for free.

Fans got access to other major events such as every Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Survivor Series as well as every NXT TakeOver and NXT UK TakeOver. Originals such as the “WWE 24” docuseries, “Broken Skull Sessions” with (Stone Cold) Steve Austin, “WWE Ruthless Aggression,” as well as its 20-episode predecessor “The Monday Night War,” were also made available.