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MagellanTV Will Pay Someone $100 per Hour to Watch True Crime Documentaries

Lauren Forristal

True crime fan? Listen to this. MagellanTV’s third annual “Crime Watch Dream Job” is back, and one lucky winner will earn $100 an hour to binge a long list of true crime documentaries for 24 hours (a total of $2,400). If this sounds like a dream job to you, you can apply here.

To apply, viewers must live in the United States and be on social media since the role revolves around them sharing their experiences the entire way. They will have 48 hours to watch 24 hours of content and they will need to bring social media followers along for the journey.

Applications close on April 18 at 5 p.m. ET. The winner will be notified by email and/or phone within 10 business days of the closing date.

The application states:

“Our ideal candidate lives for True Crime—they can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don’t flinch at the chilling paranormal. And they love it so much that they’re willing to stream it nonstop for 24 hours. Along with watching, they’ll be documenting their True Crime all-nighter on social media so everyone will see if they can hack it… or not.”

In addition to the grand prize winner, MagellanTV will give 100 runners-up a free membership to MagellanTV for one year (a $60 value). Or you can just sign up today and get a seven-day free trial.

True Crime Documentaries

These are the documentaries someone will be required to watch for this two-day job:

  • “Murder Maps: The Bermondsey Horror” – 44 minutes
  • “Murder Maps: The Brides in the Bath Killer” – 44 minutes
  • “Murder Maps: In the Shadow of Jack” – 44 minutes
  • “Lady Killers: Amelia Dyer” – 47 minutes
  • “Lady Killers: Elizabeth Bathory” – 46 minutes
  • “The White Widow” – 51 minutes
  • “10 Steps to Murder: Peter Morgan” – 43 minutes
  • “10 Steps to Murder: Isabella Gossling” – 43 minutes
  • “The Writer With No Hands” – 54 minutes
  • “Murder of Lee Irving” – 47 minutes
  • “What Happened to Holly Barlett?” – 52 minutes
  • “Nurses Who Kill: Karen Pedley” – 45 minutes
  • “Nurses Who Kill: Paul Novak” – 43 minutes
  • “Murder on the Internet: Fatal Targeting” – 43 minutes
  • “Murder on the Internet: Social Media Menaces” – 43 minutes
  • “21st Century Killer: Shawn Grate” – 43 minutes
  • “21st Century Killer: Donna Perry” – 43 minutes
  • “Body Snatchers of New York” – 32 minutes
  • “The Alps Murders” – 45 minutes
  • “Nightclub Killer” – 48 minutes
  • “The Family Who Vanished” – 47 minutes
  • “Finding Leigh” – 52 minutes
  • “Parachute Murder Plot” – 46 minutes
  • “Deep Water” – 86 minutes
  • “Mistress Mercy: Bound by Guilt” – 43 minutes
  • “Mistress Mercy: Breaking Free” – 44 minutes
  • “Great Bank Heists” – 53 minutes
  • “Behind Bars: Tent City Jail, Phoenix, Arizona” – 48 minutes
  • “Behind Bars: Miami Dade County Jail Boot Camp” – 48 minutes
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Darknet” – 25 minutes
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Heists” – 25 minutes
  • “CyberCrimes with Ben Hammersley: Scams” – 25 minutes


MagellanTV offers 3,000+ documentaries and series that span nearly every topic. Among the platforms titles is “Life Is One: Growing Up Sunbear,” along with curated documentary sections for 4K space films like “Hubble Eye in The Sky 4K,” true crime content such as “Customs,” and stay-at-home travel guide programs like “Germany From Above.” New programs arrive on the service every week.

The subscription costs $6.99 per month, but you can also pay on a quarterly ($17.97) or annual ($59.88 per year) basis. There is a free seven-day trial and you can also browse the site without subscribing and watch a five-minute preview of any documentary.