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Buzzer Secures Rights to NHL, PGA Tour For Short, ‘Live Look-Ins’

Jeff Kotuby

In another sign of changing times, the NHL and PGA Tour are teaming up with Buzzer, a mobile live sports platform that aims to draw in younger viewers with bite-sized clips placed behind microtransactions. The clips are about two minutes and will cost 99 cents per highlight.

The NHL did something similar last year during their playoff season, where the league teamed with Twitter and Disney streaming services to offer fans live look-ins of select games via Twitter — including playoff games. Fans were even further in charge of their own entertainment by choosing which games received live look-ins.

Buzzer has Twitter ties as well, as it’s led by former Twitter director of live content Bo Han. Buzzer isn’t claiming to replace live TV streaming services, but rather looking to get the attention of younger fans who don’t want to sit through entire games — or can’t (if they don’t have a cable subscription.)

We recently discussed a new study that showed younger fans are more keen on watching highlights as opposed to full games, especially for sports that have long seasons like basketball and baseball. The NHL plays the same 82-game season as the NBA, making it a perfect candidate for a highlight-driven platform.

While the PGA Tour doesn’t play “games” per se, it does have a lengthy season full of three-day tournaments that fans, both young and old, would certainly enjoy to be trimmed down into bite-sized clips.

The two sports mentioned make perfect candidates for this sort of system: NHL has high-octane plays such as breakaways, goals, hits, fights, and saves, while PGA fans can no doubt look forward to massive drives, clutch putts, or other fun shots like escaping sand traps or putting a ball in the water.

Buzzer is currently in beta and will release on mobile devices soon.

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