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Survey: Average Home Using Nearly 6 Sources for TV

Ben Bowman

How many streaming subscriptions do you have? If you’re like most people, you’ve seen the number rise steadily over the last few years. Netflix alone is not enough to keep you in the cultural conversation. According to a Hub Research study, the average consumer now uses nearly six different sources for TV. Six!

That’s not six streaming services, mind you. In some cases, that includes pay-TV, antenna use, or ad-supported sources. The number of sources has almost doubled since 2018.

The survey shows a clear group of winners at the top: 59% of all TV consumers use two or more of the top SVODs: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, or HBO Max.

It’s interesting to note that there seems to be a clear split when it comes to price sensitivity as well. If you already subscribe to four or more services, you’re more likely to keep those if you add another. For folks using 1-3 streaming services, the addition of another would be more likely to trigger a cutback elsewhere. In fact, Hub says 21% of us are considering adding another service.

Are we reaching “peak streaming” or is there more to come? Hub previously discovered that HBO Max was the service most likely to get cut in favor of another, while Disney+ subscribers appear hooked. When it comes to holding its audience, Netflix appears rock-solid.

These numbers do appear higher than some estimates that suggested the average U.S. home would have three streaming services by the end of 2021. Ad-supported options are getting better by the day, as PlutoTV, Peacock, IMDb TV, and Tubi offer some excellent options for cost-conscious cord-cutters.

If you’re trying to hit the reset button on your subscriptions, it might be worth considering this study, which ranks each major streaming service by the quality of each genre offered.

And if you’re considering a new live TV option, check out our Service Matchmaker to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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