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10 Best Shows to Binge on Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale

Looking for a new tv show to sink your teeth into? Hop on Hulu and cure your boredom with a brand new series to get to binge watching! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a list of our 10 favorites. If you don’t have a Hulu account, you can test the waters with their Limited Commercials plan ($7.99 / month), or you can dive in and upgrade to their No Ads plan for $17.99 / month. For $76.99 / month, you can also watch Hulu Live TV with 70 major cable channels, live locals and regional sports networks. Give their free 30-day free trial a go right here:

10 Best Shows to Stream on Hulu

  • The Handmaid's Tale

    April 26, 2017

    A Hulu original series, this adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel is set in a dystopian sci-fi future. Elisabeth Moss plays a Handmaid - a woman forced to live as a concubine forced to bear children for the wealthy fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. This series is a dramatic, powerful examination of gender, politics, and the future of the world.

  • Fargo

    April 15, 2014

    This ambitious series is unlike anything else on television. Creator Noah Hawley weaves a tense, funny, and thrilling story involving a new troupe of actors each season. In the first season, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, and Billy Bob Thornton are standouts. In the second, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, and Patrick Wilson evade danger at every turn. The third season features Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Carrie Coon, David Thewlis, and Ewan McGregor playing a set of identical twins. The fourth season highlights Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman as warring mobsters. It’s unforgettable television.

  • The Great

    May 15, 2020

    A genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th century Russia, Elle Fanning plays Catherine as she grows into her famed title of ‘Catherine the Great,’ diving into her history and her explosive relationship with husband Peter, the emperor of Russia.

  • Castle Rock

    July 25, 2018

    A Hulu original series based on the stories of Stephen King, the series intertwines characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock.

  • Letterkenny

    February 7, 2016

    Wayne is just a good ol’ country boy living in Letterkenny, Ontario: A town divided into three groups: Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players. The comedy series follows Wayne as he tries to protect his homegrown way of life on the farm against a world that is constantly evolving around him. If that sounds simple, I suggest you let that one marinate.

  • Catch-22

    May 17, 2019

    Pianosa Island, Italy, World War II. Bombardier John Yossarian tries to fulfill his duty, maintain sanity and return home as soon as possible. A great watch if you want to see heroism clash with military incompetence and bureaucracy (or if you just want to see George Clooney yell out marching orders).

  • Veronica Mars

    September 22, 2004

    In the fictional town of Neptune, California, Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) a high school kid with a missing mother, a dead best friend, and a painful past. While juggling the typical teenage trials, she also moonlights as a private investigator under the instruction of her detective father. The first season of this show is literally one of the best first seasons of any show ever. It’s funny, it’s sincere, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

  • Solar Opposites

    May 8, 2020

    Created by Justin Roiland, co-writer of pop culture phenomenon, Rick and Morty, the witty, fast-paced Solar Opposites features a family of aliens from a much better world who must take refuge in middle America after the destruction of their planet. They must protect the Pupa, a living super computer that will one day evolve into its true form, consume them and terraform the Earth.

  • 11.22.63

    February 15, 2016

    Based on the works of Stephen King, English teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) travels back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination, but discovers he’s grown attached to the life he has made in a bygone era.

  • Dimension 404

    April 4, 2017

    Inspired by the Internet’s “404” error code, Dimension 404 aims to evoke that “Twilight Zone” 3 a.m. feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web, stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world that we know.

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