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Everything You Need to Know About Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ Universe and His Other Shows

Lauren Forristal

People can’t seem to get enough of Taylor Sheridan. As the creator of “Yellowstone” adds more shows to his “universe,” he and his work continue to be one of the biggest surprise success stories in the recent history of television. And in addition to all of the shows that he already has on the air and in development, Sheridan recently extended his current deal with Paramount for an extra five years which means that he’ll be creating content for the company until t least 2028.

Paramount — through both its cable channel, Paramount Network, and its streaming service, Paramount+ — has attached the franchise flag to both Sheridan and his “Yellowstone” universe. However, the prolific cowboy-creator is trying to prove that he is much more than a one-trick pony with a bunch of new and upcoming series with various focuses and settings.

Prior to creating “Yellowstone,” Sheridan was best known for his acting roles on “Veronica Mars” and “Sons of Anarchy.” You can also see him as horse trader named Travis Wheatley on “Yellowstone.” He has written several screenplays, including “Sicario” and the Oscar-nominated “Hell or High Water.”

Here is everything to know about the “Yellowstone” universe and every other Sheridan-verse show, including those in production and in development, across Paramount Network, Paramount+, Peacock, and other streaming services.

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The ‘Yellowstone’ Universe

‘Yellowstone’ on the Paramount Network and Peacock

Taylor Sheridan’s most popular series to date, the show follows the Dutton family — especially the patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner — as they butt heads with land developers, an Indian reservation, and numerous foes as they aim to protect their legacy and their land.

Due to a deal made before Paramount+ was launched, even though “Yellowstone” airs on Paramount’s cable network, it is currently only available to stream on Peacock.

When the Season 4 finale of “Yellowstone” aired on Paramount Network, it brought in 9.3 million viewers. According to The Wall Street Journal, the first seven episodes of Season 5 might air as early as this summer, but that is becoming less likely as no announcement is made with each passing day.

While it seems that Paramount has no plans to tinker with the formula of cable’s biggest show, the new season’s production is reportedly a little different this time around. Paramount has decided to split the season into two parts. This strategy has worked for other cablers like AMC with “The Walking Dead,” and will also hopefully allow Sheridan to continue working on his other projects during the break.


June 20, 2018

John Dutton (Costner) es el propietario del rancho más grande de Estados Unidos. Él y sus hijos entablarán una lucha sin cuartel contra una reserva india y contra el Gobierno federal de Estados Unidos que intenta expandir el parque nacional contiguo a la propiedad de los Dutton.

‘1883’ on Paramount+

The prequel “Yellowstone” series “1883” takes viewers back to the late 19th century as the Dutton family that they first met in “Yellowstone” makes its way across the perilous American West before settling in Montana and establishing the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Sheridan’s second Dutton-family show debuted with over 6 million viewers last year on Paramount+, and gained so much momentum over its 10-episode run, that when the show had its recent Season 1 finale, its popularity superseded the numbers set by “Yellowstone,” becoming the most in-demand program on Paramount+.

Paramount+ vaguely said in February that more episodes of “1883” were coming. Executive producer David Glasser announced the day after the Season 1 finale that the next “Yellowstone” prequel series “1932” was always intended to be the next season of “1883,” continuing the story in an anthology-like series.


December 19, 2021

Precuela de la serie ‘Yellowstone’, que sigue la historia de la familia Dutton en un viaje hacia el oeste a través de las Grandes Llanuras, para ir hacia el último bastión de la indómita América, durante el año 1883.

‘1932’ on Paramount+

This newest chapter in the Dutton-family story will follow the story of a different generation during Prohibition and the Great Depression. The season will focus on present-day John Dutton’s parents and grandparents.

“1932” could be the true origin story of the mountainous Montana empire the Duttons control. The show’s release date has yet to be announced.

‘6666’ on Paramount+

Set at the Four Sixes Texas ranch in Texas, “6666” is yet another Yellowstone prequel spinoff. Sheridan is extremely invested in this particular part of the universe since he recently became the part owner of the real-life legendary Texas ranch.

According to Paramount, “Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas, no ranch in America is more steeped in the history of the West than the 6666. Still operating as it did two centuries before, and encompassing an entire county, the 6666 is where the rule of law and the laws of nature merge in a place where the most dangerous thing one does is the next thing… The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.”

The series is still in development and has not started filming.

Other Current Taylor Sheridan Shows

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ on Paramount+

Centered in Kingstown, Mich., the show revolves around the local prison system — the only industry that is thriving in the area. After the death of his older brother, Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) takes over as the town’s mayor.

The series has also done quite well for Paramount+, pulling in 2.6 million viewers when it debuted. With its steady viewership, Paramount has confirmed that “Mayor of Kingstown” has already been picked up for a second season.

While nothing has been reported about when the show will return, one thing that does bode well for the show is that “Mayor” was not as reliant on Sheridan doing all of the writing as he has for many of his other series. “Yellowstone” series regular Hugh Dillon co-created the show with Sheridan and was responsible for many of the main story beats of the show.

Mayor of Kingstown

November 14, 2021

Ambientada en una pequeña ciudad de Michigan donde la única industria que queda son las cárceles federales, estatales y privadas, la historia sigue a la familia McClusky, los intermediarios del poder entre la policía, los delincuentes, los presos, los guardias de prisiones y los políticos, en una ciudad completamente dependiente de las prisiones. y los prisioneros que contienen.

Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Shows

‘Tulsa King’ on Paramount+

Sheridan’s hard-edged gritty storytelling will almost certainly be found in “Tulsa King,” but there likely won’t be as many cowboys as normal. The upcoming show will feature Sylvester Stallone as an East Coast mobster named Dwight Manfredi who is ordered to relocate to Tulsa, Okla. in order to pay a penance for past sins and reestablish the mob’s presence in the city.

This marks Stallone’s first starring TV role, which just goes to show how Sheridan is able to attract major film stars for his projects.

The co-creator and showrunner of “Tulsa King” is Terence Winter, who previously worked on the massive HBO hits such as “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Sopranos.”

Paramount+ is currently planning to release the first season of “Tulsa King” n the fall of 2022.

‘Lioness’ on Paramount+

The upcoming drama series is about a female marine who is recruited into the CIA’s “Lioness Program,” which is responsible for training undercover operatives. She is tasked with befriending a terrorist’s daughter in order to bring down the organization.

Another co-creation, Sheridan is developing “Lioness” with Jill Wagner, best known for her role as Kate Argent in “Teen Wolf.” She will serve as executive producer and also plans to star in the show. In addition, Zoe Saldana is attached to star with Nicole Kidman serving as one of the executive producers.

“Lioness” is scheduled to debut on Paramount+ in 2023.

‘Bass Reeves’ on Paramount+

Limited Series “Bass Reeves” is currently in the preliminary stages of development. David Oyelowo has signed on to play the title character, a real-life Black cowboy and gunman, known as one the greatest frontier lawmen in the history of the Old West.

The real-life Reeves worked as a U.S. Deputy Marshal in the 1800s and captured over 3,000 of the most dangerous criminals of the time. He is also believed to be the inspiration for numerous legendary characters, including the Lone Ranger.

The show is slated to premiere on Paramount+ sometime in 2023. There’s also a separate film unrelated to Sheridan, called “In Search of Bass Reeves” slated for release on the same streamer later this year.

‘Land Man’ on Paramount+

“Land Man” is based on the podcast, “Boomtown” about the oil boom in West Texas. Billy Bob Thornton will lead the series an oil company’s high-powered crisis manager.

While it is a similar flavor to Sheridan’s “Yellowstone,” the show does promise to be an even larger scale, putting the focus on how this oil conflict between billionaires is reshaping the global climate and our geopolitics.

The official release date hasn’t been revealed yet, however, production will reportedly not begin until next year.

‘Fast’ on Paramount+

A former U.S. special forces officer is recruited by the government’s Drug Enforcement Agency to lead a takedown of drug dealers who are protected by the CIA.

Filming hasn’t begun yet and a release date has not been announced.

Previous Taylor Sheridan Show

‘The Last Cowboy’ on Paramount+

A previous Taylor Sheridan show, the docu-reality series aired on Paramount Network before “Yellowstone” debuted back in 2016. “The Last Cowboy” followed the competitive sport of horse reining and ran for two seasons.

The Last Cowboy

July 24, 2019

A documentary competition show that chronicles the lives of riders competing in the high-stakes sport of horse reining. The contenders are determined to elevate and preserve the cowboy tradition as they guide horses through precise patterns of circles, spins and stops. Run for a Million serves as the culmination of the series, where the riders compete for a $1 million purse.

Taylor Sheridan Movies


Sheridan wrote the screenplay for “Sicario” which starred Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Emily Blunt. Sheridan was nominated for the Writers Guild Award for Best Original Screenplay. He also wrote the sequel, “Sicario: Day of the Soldado.”


September 17, 2015

En la zona fronteriza que se extiende entre Estados Unidos y México la joven Kate Macer, una idealista agente del FBI, es reclutada por una fuerza de élite del Gobierno para luchar contra el narcotráfico. Bajo el mando de Matt Graver, un frío miembro de las fuerzas gubernamentales, y de Alejandro, un enigmático asesor, el equipo emprende una misión que lleva a la mujer a cuestionarse sus convicciones sobre la guerra contra los narcos y los límites de la ley.

Sicario: El día del soldado

June 27, 2018

La guerra contra los cárteles de la droga se ha intensificado en la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México a medida que éstos se han metido en el negocio de tráfico de personas, introduciendo en suelo americano a terroristas islámicos. Para hacer frente a esta nueva guerra sucia, el agente federal Matt Graver planea una idea para que los carteles se enfrenten entre ellos. Para ello volverá a reclutar para la peligrosa misión al volátil mercenario Alejandro Gillick… Secuela de ‘Sicario’ (2015).

Hell or High Water

A year later, in 2016, Sheridan followed Sicario up with the film, “Hell or High Water.” The movie starred Chris Pine and Ben Foster as two brothers who rob banks in an attempt to save the family ranch, all while being pursued by two Texas Rangers (Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham).

The film was nominated for four Academy Awards and is currently being adapted for a potential series on Fox, though Sheridan is not apparently involved.


August 11, 2016

Un padre divorciado y su hermano, un ex presidiario recién salido de la cárcel, se dirigen al Oeste de Texas con el objetivo realizar una serie de robos en una serie de sucursales bancarias, con el fin de poder conseguir el dinero suficiente como para poder salvar la granja familiar.

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie has a few familiar faces from the Sheridan Universe. “Those Who Wish Me Dead” is about a murder witness who finds himself hunted down by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked to protect him. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Finn Little, Nicholas Hoult, and Aiden Gillen.

Aquellos que desean mi muerte

May 5, 2021

Un adolescente testigo de un asesinato es perseguido por dos asesinos gemelos a través de las tierras salvajes de Montana. Aunque cuenta con un experto de la supervivencia para evitar que los secuaces le den caza, un incendio cercano pronto amenaza con robar la vida de todos los implicados.

Wind River

“Mayor of Kingstown” star Jeremy Renner, Kelsey Asbille, Elizabeth Olsen, and Graham Greene headlined this film about a veteran hunter who helps an FBI agent investigate a Wyoming Native American reservation where a young woman was murdered.

Wind River

August 3, 2017

Una joven agente del FBI se alía con un veterano rastreador local para investigar el asesinato de una joven ocurrido en una reserva de nativos americanos…

Without Remorse

Sheridan co-wrote the screenplay for “Without Remorse,” which premiered last year. The film was based on a Tom Clancy novel and starred Michael B. Jordan as an elite Navy SEAL who wants to avenge his wife’s murder only to end up inside a larger conspiracy.

Sin remordimientos

April 29, 2021

Un comando SEAL de élite descubre una conspiración internacional mientras busca hacer justicia por el asesinato de su mujer en Sin remordimientos, de Tom Clancy. El explosivo origen del héroe de acción John Clark, uno de los personajes más populares del universo Jack Ryan, del escritor Tom Clancy.


The 2011 American horror film was directed by Taylor Sheridan and starred Eric Jay Beck, April Matson, Akeem Smith, Greg Cipes, Maya Hazen, Heidi Mueller, and McKenzie Westmore. “Vile” follows ten victims who have 22 hours to escape from a locked room and must endure excruciating pain in order to get free.


August 25, 2011

50 años atrás, el profesor de la universidad de Yale, Stanley Milgram, realizó una serie de experimentos sociales basados en la psicología de criminales de guerra nazis. Los experimentos fueron ideados para responder una simple pregunta ¿Hasta que punto son capaces de llegar las personas cuando son obligadas por una autoridad? Nick, su novia Tayler y sus dos mejores amigos están a punto de descubrirlo cuando son secuestrados después de un viaje juntos. Se despertarán en un lugar desconocido con dos viales conectados en la base de su cerebro. No están solos, otras cuatro personas se encuentran en la misma pesadilla. Una figura misteriosa en un video les dirá lo que tienen que hacer, llenar los viales con una sustancia química que produce el cerebro cuando es sometido a un dolor extremo ¿Quién será el líder y quien será el primero en sufrir las extremas agonías que deberán idear para llenar estos frascos en tan solo 22 horas?

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