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Online Video Subscriptions Rose to 237 Million in the US, Study Finds

Stephanie Sengwe

It looks like streaming continues to be the favored mode of viewing as a new study shows that subscription based-viewing continued its upward mobility last year. According to a new study by released by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), subscriptions to online video services went up to 863.9 million globally and 237.2 million in the US, a 28 percent and 26 percent hike, respectively.

According to Variety, the MPA also found that more than 75 percent of adults watched their programming via online subscription services. More than 85 percent of children and more than 55 percent of adults watched content on mobile devices, while younger audiences, as well as Hispanic and African-Americans, were the dominating groups when it came to viewings on mobile devices.

Though younger audiences were spearheading mobile viewings, streaming didn’t curb their desire to go to the theater. According to the MPA, per capita attendance was highest among theater goers between the ages of 12 and 17, averaging 4.9 tickets per person, and ages 18 to 24, averaging 4.7 tickets sold per person.

“The film, television, and streaming industry continues to transform at breakneck pace, and this report shows that audiences are the big winners,” said Charles Rivkin, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association. “Most importantly, our industry continues to innovate and deliver great storytelling for movie and TV fans — where, when, and how they want it.”

Earlier this year, a study by Conviva also found that time spent streaming video hiked by more than half in the last three months of 2019, a 58 percent jump from the same period in 2018. Conviva also found that streaming was up by 61 percent in the U.S. and by 65 percent in Europe.

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