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Google Plans to Move All Android TV Devices Sold in Retail to Google TV

Michael King

During a break-out session during the annual Stream TV Show on Tuesday afternoon, Shalina Govil-Pai, VP of Android TV and Google TV, said while Android TV will continue to drive the backbone of the operating system, the user experience of Google TV will be the future for their retail devices.

Govil-Pai did say that Google’s objective is to have all of its third-party Android TV partners eventually shift all devices sold at retail to Google TV and to have its entire OS centralized under the Google TV brand. That means expect devices from Xiaomi and NVIDIA, like the NVIDIA SHIELD, to shift over to Google TV.

“The experience that we bring with Google TV is much more aligned with Google as a whole. The Google TV term came because it is so aligned with the Google mission — in terms of personalized recommendations, in terms of search and discovery, in terms of the integration of the world’s content at your fingertips.”

Govil-Pai said Google TV has seen a two-fold rise in the amount of video streaming on the Android TV platform.

Google TV came out to the masses with the introduction of the Chromecast with Google TV streaming device last October. Govil-Pai was excited at the increase in the adoption of Google TV for streamers across the nation. The device competes with Roku and Amazon Fire TV at a retail price of $49.99.

The company has also partnered with Walmart on their onn-branded devices, which drops the price of an Android TV device to just $24.99.

In addition, she said TCL will launch a Google TV-powered television set inside of the next month or two. TCL is one of several TV manufacturers to partner with Roku in recent years on Roku-branded smart TVs for retail sales.

Going into the holidays, Govil-Pai said, look for Google and its smart TV partners to more aggressively market Google TV — especially given its brand position in the United States behind the much large Roku brand.