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Tubi Users Streamed 2.5 Billion Hours in 2020, as 21% Cancelled SVOD Due to Pandemic

Stephanie Sengwe

Today, Tubi released results from their audience report titled, “The Stream: 2021 Actionable Audience Insights for Brands.” After an unprecedented year that saw major spikes in both SVOD and AVOD viewership, Fox’s free streaming service, Tubi, says that there were 2.5 billion hours streamed on their platform 2020 alone, seeing a 58 percent growth in viewership in the last year.

The study also found that the shift from cable to streaming has also continued and on average, the younger someone is, the less cable TV they watch per day. Tubi reported that 57 percent of 18 to 34 year olds don’t subscribe to cable, leaving the 55 and older demographic as the primary occupants of the space. Tubi says that their average user is 20 years younger than that of linear television.

It’s estimated that five million people will axe their cable subscriptions, and by 2022, over 95 million U.S. adults will be streamers.

As the pandemic rages on, it looks like viewers’ desire to pay for content is slightly dwindling. Though the study found that on average, consumers subscribe to nearly four services per household, Tubi is also found that one in five people (21 percent) between the ages of 18-34 cancelled their SVOD subscription because of COVID-19.

In a case study conducted along with Winn-DIxie, Tubi found that the pool viewers is so diverse that their isn’t a lot of crossover between their viewers and those on other AVODs. Tubi and Winn-Dixie found that 78 percent of Tubi streamers aren’t on Peacock, 71 percent aren’t on the Roku Channel and 56 percent aren’t on Pluto TV. Interestingly enough, their viewership is crossing over to SVODs, with 62 percent of Tubi users subscribed to Netflix, 47 percent subscribed to Prime Video, and 17 percent subscribed to Hulu.

In September, the free streaming service announced that their monthly active users broke the record in August, reaching 33 million, a 65 percent increase year-over-year. Not only that, but the company also revealed that their total viewing time has surpassed 200 million hours streamed each month since April.