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Philo Updates Pricing, Drops $16 Plan For New Customers Starting May 6th

Current subscribers can keep $16 plan as long as their subscription is active

Nick Dimengo

Philo's pricing is about to make some changes within the next couple of weeks to its streaming service, the company announced in a statement today. According to Philo CEO Andrew McCollum, starting on May 6, Philo’s pricing options will no longer include the $16 option, only offering a $20 package to new subscribers.

For any Philo users who have a subscription prior to that date, nothing will change, allowing the same package they currently have to still be in place. This includes customers that have prepaid for the service as part of their GIFt of Philo promotion in the Fall.

While new customers might not be thrilled with the price increase — but, in the long-term, it’s something that that company hopes will help customers. Currently, both Philo ($16) and Philo Plus ($20) include the same 18 of the Top 35 cable channels, with the $20 package including 12 additional channels like American Heroes, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, Logo, and Nicktoons.

In McCollum’s statement, the CEO said that, since Philo launched 18 months ago, most of the competitors have raised prices, in some cases, multiple times. To avoid a potential similar path, Philo’s pricing is consolidating it all into a $20 package in order to maintain the same quality offerings it has today without rising prices in the future, or cut back on things like customer support. It’s a key strategy for Philo, but one that sounds like it has the long-term focus being on its users’ experience.

Again, for any existing Philo subscribers, the announcement doesn’t have an impact, but for new subscriptions, the $4 extra per year will be the only subscription option starting May 6. With the elimination of the $16 package, Philo users will now receive the 58 channels that comes with the Philo Plus subscription (which includes 18 of the top 35 cable channels).

Top Channels on Philo

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Bravo -
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Comedy Central
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Disney Junior -
E! -
Food Network
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Freeform -
FX -
Hallmark Channel
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