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ViacomCBS Chief Says Showtime & CBS All Access Bundle With Apple TV+ is Only Limited Time Offer

Jason Gurwin

In August, Apple TV+ launched a killer deal alongside ViacomCBS’s streaming services.

The deal allows Apple TV+ subscribers ($4.99 a month) to receive CBS All Access Ad-Free ($9.99) and Showtime ($10.99) for just $9.99 a month. If you already get Apple TV+, this is an incredible discount on the services — and with CBS All Access you get a live feed of your local CBS station, including NFL on CBS.

During yesterday’s Code Media@Home interview with ViacomCBS Bob Bakish, he gave insight into the deal. When asked why they didn’t do this themselves he said, “One is that is a limited time promotional price with Apple TV+, and that’s something they wanted to do as they increase their participation in the video space.”

The reality is, they couldn’t offer the bundle themselves. Currently, Showtime on its own is $10.99 a month, so they needed a third service like Apple TV+ (and one that would likely give them nearly all of their share) to join the bundle.

He continued, “We believe in ubiqutuious distribution. Just like you can get our linear services from a range of operators…likewise, our over-the-top services, you can get from the same set of people, whether its a MVPD like a Comcast, a wireless operator like a Verizon, whether its an over-the-top channel store like an Amazon Channels store.”

When asked if he expects more of these bundles going forward, Bakish said that “one of things ViacomCBS is very good at is working with distribution partners of all shapes and sizes, and figuring out how to create mutually beneficial relationships…are we going to do that in the over-the-top space? Sure.”

The Roku Channel offers a discounted bundle of Showtime and STARZ for $16.99 (normally $21).

ViacomCBS already offered a $2 discount for CBS All Access subscribers to add Showtime to their existing ad-supported ($14.99) and ad-free ($18.99) plans. But given the Apple TV+ deal, who would subscribe? The Apple TV+ offer includes CBS All Access (ad-free), Showtime, and Apple TV+ for the same $14.99 as just CBS All Access (ad-supported) and Showtime.

ViacomCBS recently reported that their paid streaming services, CBS All Access and Showtime are now at a combined 17.9 million subscribers (up 72% year-over-year). The paid streaming subscriptions rose from from 16.2 million last quarter.