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Amazon Prime Video Launches Mobile-Only Tier in India to Compete With Netflix & Disney+ Hotstar

Stephanie Sengwe

Amazon Prime Video is coming for Netflix and Disney+ on the international market. The company announced they launched Prime Video Mobile Edition—a significantly more affordable tier for the streaming service. Prime Video Mobile Edition is currently only available in India—the world’s second largest internet market—and comes two years after Netflix inked a similar deal in the market.

Prime Video Mobile Edition launched in partnership with Indian telecom network Airtel and comes with 28-day mobile-only, single-user, standard definition (SD) access for Rs 89 ($1.22). Customers will also get 6GB of mobile data on this plan. Prime Video Mobile also offers a pricier plan, which costs Rs 299 ($4.09) but comes with 1.5GB mobile data for each day of the subscription. Amazon is offering the first month free to subscribers of either service.

“India is one of our fastest growing territories in the world with very high engagement rates. Buoyed by this response, we want to double-down by offering our much-loved entertainment content to an even larger base of Indian customers,” stated Jay Marine, VP Amazon Prime Video Worldwide. “Given high mobile broadband penetration in the country, the mobile phone has become one of the most widely used streaming devices.

In 2019, Netflix launched a mobile-only plan in India for INR 199/month ($2.88). The plan worked only on a single mobile device and streamed in 480p. While it was more competitive than their previous plans that started at INR 499/month ($7.23) — it still was more expensive than both Amazon Prime Video ($15 a year / $2 a month) or Hotstar ($14.50 a year) at that time.

The streaming service went on to launch the Mobile+ plan, geared to both new and current subscribers and delivered HD streaming quality cross-platform — mobile, tablet and computer — but not on TV. The monthly price was set at 349 Indian rupees ($4.70).

Proving that India is a huge market, Disney+ also launched in the country this past April, in collaboration with Hotstar. In December, Disney shared that most of the growth came from Disney+ Hotstar, which is the exclusive home of IPL cricket matches in India. Disney+ Hotstar now makes up just ~30% of Disney+ subscribers, meaning that there are ~30 million are in India.