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Fox Weather Releases Teaser Trailer Ahead of Q3 Launch

Jeff Kotuby

As severe weather impacts seemingly the entire United States located east of the Mississippi, Fox has released a teaser trailer hyping up its incoming “Fox Weather” streaming news channel.

The clip is another in a long line of Fox’s 90s-inspired advertising hits, full of bold fonts and bold claims, while also providing viewers a taste of what to expect. While they don’t seem to be reinventing the wheel here, it’s still a taste of what’s been a well-kept secret for the most part.

You can watch the short clip below (video provided by Newscast Studio)

Fox Weather is expected to launch in Q3 2021, bringing a Fox Weather App along with an integrated website featuring local, regional, and national weather updates and live programming. Fox has been hard at work stockpiling talent from other weather networks, including The Weather Channel to bolster its lineup.

Fox Weather is also in the unenviable position of dealing with its sister network, Fox News, constantly contradicting the science-based information it will want to provide in order to provide accurate, credible news. “How do you address the fact that weather changes are caused to some degree by humans when you have a media property with a history of challenging that fact?” said Brian Wieser, lead analyst at GroupM. One of Fox’s former employees, now of the Weather Channel, also had comments earlier this year regarding Fox’s stance on climate change.

“I applaud Fox getting into the weather space, but they should certainly leave the lifesaving information to the experts,” said Nora Zimmett, The Weather Channel’s chief content officer, who previously worked at Fox News in the 2000s. She called climate change “a topic that is too important to politicize, and if they do that, they will be doing Americans a disservice.” The Weather Channel and Fox Weather are already at odds and will likely continue to trade barbs as the network gets set to launch later this year.

Fox says its “Precise, Personal, Powerful” weather app is “coming soon to every platform.”