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Everything We Learned About Disney+ at D23, Including Simultaneous Streams, Offline Viewing, 4K Streaming, App Previews and More

Stephanie Sengwe

Today was a big day for Disney at the D23 Expo. While the company has been quite tight-lipped up Disney+, today, they gave out a boatload of information, answering questions that fans and industry experts had been curious about. From the availability of 4K content, to the number of streamers allowed, Disney covered all bases—announcing a special deal for D23 members and giving their fans promo posters of some of its upcoming content.

Here is all the information we gleaned from D23 today.

Disney+ Will Allow Offline Mobile & Tablet Viewing on Unlimited Devices

The streaming service will allow unlimited offline mobile and tablet viewing. Disney+ can be added to as many devices as users want and the only limit would be the amount of space on the device of choice. In comparison, Netflix currently limits offline viewing to either 2 or 4 devices, depending on which plan you subscribe to.

Disney+ Will Allow Up to 7 Profiles, With Hundreds of Avatars to Choose From

While we knew that their would be profiles for different accounts, today we’ve learned that Disney+ will allow up to 7 Profiles with access to hundreds of avatars. This will allow different users to have their own recommendations and watch list for their account.

(link: Disney+ Kids Mode, With a Unique Interface For Children

Disney+ will include a Kids Mode which will give parents more functionality around what their kids can and can’t see in the app. The app comes with parental controls that make it so children “will only see curated and recommended content or the youngest members of the households.” Each child gets to create a profile and select an avatar of their favorite Disney character like Woody from Toy Story, Elsa from Frozen or Moana. Some of those avatars will only be available for profiles set in Kids Mode.

Four Simultaneous Streams on Up To 10 Different Devices

In addition to unlimited offline mobile and tablet viewing, Disney+ will allow four simultaneous streams on 10 different devices. That means you can essentially have family and “extended family”, streaming from the same account without limitations.

Disney+ Will Have 4K Content Available Upon Launch

The company announced that Disney+ will allow subscribers to stream most of its originals and for some of its older library content in 4K.

Walkthrough Disney+ on Apple TV and Xbox Apps

We got to see a live demo of Disney+ on Apple TV. The company walked us through the app will include: a featured carousel, app tiles and individual sections, movie and show pages, an app sidebar, user profiles and avatars, watchlist, movies, series and original sections, kids mode and offline mode.

Disney+ Movies Will Come With Extras, Just Like Digital Downloads

Disney+ is equipping its movies with an Extras feature, that allows viewers to watch behind-the-scenes footage as well as interviews with stars from their favorites movies. This means you get a access to the makings of all Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars films which will be exclusive to Disney+. Footage from movies like the live-action versions of Aladdin, The Lion King, Captain Marvel, and Avengers: Endgame will be made available to you on Disney+.

No Auto-Playing Trailers

In addition to the “Add To Watch List” and “Extras,” features, Disney+’s movie page does not auto-play trailers, which has proven to a contested feature on Netflix. Viewers of Disney+ get the option to choose whether or not they would like to watch trailers of specified movies.

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