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Report: HBO Max’s Tentative Plans, Prices, Features in India Leaked Ahead of Launch

Aubrey Meister

WarnerMedia recently mentioned a “potential future launch” for HBO Max in India, alongside the naming of a veteran Disney executive to run HBO Max in Southeast Asia and India.

This week, Asian streaming news site Only Tech discovered a pre-launch survey, for the upcoming launch of the streaming service in India.

In India, the survey suggests HBO Max will range in price from Rs. 69 to Rs. 329 per month ($1 to $4.50 USD) — which compares to Netflix at Rs. 199 to Rs. 799 per month ($2.75 to $10.99 USD); Disney+ Hotstar at Rs. 499 to Rs. 1,499 ($6.80 to $20.50 USD); and Prime Video which requires an Amazon Prime subscription for Rs. 129 per month ($1.75 USD) or Rs. 999 per year ($13.61 USD).

An HBO spokesperson told The Streamable, “We routinely conduct market research with consumers in countries around the world that test a wide range of possible offers and price points for our services. Those being reported that suggest a future launch of HBO Max in India are amongst many being tested and evaluated and do not reflect any current plans.”

The survey says that HBO Max’s features could include co-viewing, a personalized home screen, individual profiles (and children’s profiles with age ratings), concurrent streams, 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos sound, and subtitles in local Indian languages.

OnlyTech shared a couple of screenshots from the survey, which were sent in by an anonymous reader. The screenshots allegedly reveal the different tiers HBO Max could offer in India, as well as what’s included in each one.

In the plans available in India, the survey suggest HBO Max could offer three tiers: Ad-Supported, Mobile, and Standard. All three tiers allow subscribers to have five profiles on a single subscription. With mobile and standard, users would get an ad-free viewing experience. The ad-supported tier allows for two simultaneous streams, mobile allows one, and standard lets you stream on three devices at once.

The ad-supported and mobile tiers are both shown in standard definition, but viewers who upgrade to the standard tier would be able to stream in UHD (4K).

To have access to the latest content, viewers should subscribe to the standard tier, which would offer early release directly after a regular global, theatrical, or digital release. The mobile tier would offer “regular release,” allowing episodes to be made available within two to three weeks of their release. Movies would be available to stream six to eight months after their premiere.

Subscribers who are on a tighter budget can use the ad-supported tier to save some money, but this comes at a cost. The ad-supported tier suggested in the survey would follow a later release pattern, giving you access to series episodes after the entire season is available. Movies are available to stream a year after they premiere digitally or in theaters.

Pricing for HBO Max in India:

This is the pricing currently being suggested on the survey

  • Ad-Supported: 69 rupees per month (0.94 USD)
  • Mobile: 139 rupees per month (1.89 USD)
  • Standard: 329 rupees per month (4.48 USD)

HBO Max in India could offer both monthly and annual subscription plans, with annual plans giving subscribers discounts. With an annual mobile subscription, subscribers will save 40%, while a standard annual subscription will save them 50%. An annual ad-free subscription is not shown.

The mobile and standard tiers would offer all of the same features whether you pay monthly or for an annual subscription upfront. Mobile would cost 1,001 rupees per year (13.64 USD), while standard would cost 1,974 rupees per year (26.89 USD).

HBO Max will join several other streaming services available in India, which offer similar subscription plans at comparable price points. If you’re trying to decide between all of your options, including Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, you can use our comparison guide.

At this time, there is no launch date set for HBO Max in India.


HBO Max is a subscription video streaming service that gives access to the full HBO library, along with exclusive Max Originals, and access to every Warner Bros. film on HBO Max on the same day that it hits theaters.

HBO Max has two tiers, an ad-supported plan for 9,99 $ and ad-free plan for 14,99 $. HBO Max without ads also includes features like the ability to download offline and 4K streaming.

Subscribers will have access to hit HBO series like Succession, Mare of Easttown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more.

All HBO Max subscribers will get the full libraries of shows like “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “South Park”, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “The West Wing”, and more.

They also will get Max Originals that aren’t available to HBO channel subscribers, like “The Flight Attendant” (Kaley Cuoco), “Love Life” (Anna Kendrick), as well as reboots to “Sex In The City” and “Gossip Girl.”

How Do The Proposed HBO Max Prices Compare to Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, and Netflix?

Based on the proposed pricing mentioned, HBO Max’s prices fall below those of Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, and Netflix, but definitely are competitive with all three services:

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar will include the following options beginning September 1:

  • Mobile: Rs. 499 per year (one device, mobile-only, HD streaming)
  • Super: Rs. 899 per year (any two devices, HD streaming)
  • Premium: Rs. 1,499 per year (any four devices, 4K streaming)


Disney+ ist ein werbefreier Video-Streaming-Dienst, der exklusive Serien und Filme von Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic und anderen Anbietern bereitstellt. Disney hat angekündigt, dass ihr Streaming-Dienst am 24. März 2020 in Großbritannien seine Premiere feiern wird.

Der Disney-Streaming-Dienst kostet 8,99 € / Monat, oder 89,99 € / Jahr (7,50 € / Monat).

Die App unterstützt 4K-Streaming, unbegrenzte Downloads, 4 gleichzeitige Streams, bis zu 7 Profilen, mit Hunderten von Avataren für Ihr persönliches Profil.

Im ersten Jahr werden 25 neue Original-Serien, 10+ Filme, 7.500 frühere Episoden, 100 neue Filme und 400 Bibliothekstitel, einschließlich der gesamten Disney-Sammlung, veröffentlicht. Neuveröffentlichungen wie “Toy Story 4”, “Der König der Löwen”, “Aladdin” und Klassiker wie “Die kleine Meerjungfrau” und “Cinderella” werden zum Streaming angeboten.

Das Unternehmen kündigte Original-Sendungen und -Filme an, die bei der Markteinführung verfügbar sein werden, darunter die 100 Millionen Dollar teure 8-teilige Star Wars Reihe “The Mandalorian”, “High School Musical: Das Musical: Die Serie”, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”, “Lady and the Tramp” und “The Imagineering Story”.

Die vollständige Liste der verfügbaren Sendungen und Filme von Disney, Disney Channel, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, Nat Geo oder alle verfügbaren Disney Plus-Inhalte können Sie in unserer Disney+ Streaming Filmliste einsehen.


Netflix’s subscription plan in India includes:

  • Mobile+: Rs. 199 per month (one device, mobile-only, SD streaming)
  • Mobile: Rs. 299 per month (one device, mobile-only, HD streaming)
  • Basic: Rs. 499 per month (any one device, SD streaming)
  • Standard: Rs. 649 per month (any two devices, HD streaming)
  • Premium: Rs. 799 per month (any four devices, Ultra HD and HDR streaming)


Netflix ist ein Abonnement Video-Streaming-Dienst, das On-Demand-Zugriff auf mehr als 3.000 Filme, mehr als 2.000 TV-Sendungen und Netflix-Originale wie Stranger Things , Mindhunter , umfasst. Queer Eye und Russian Doll . Sie fügen ständig neue Shows und Filme hinzu - und haben sogar begonnen, Originalfilme wie The Irishman (Robert De Niro, Al Pacino) und Dolemite is My Name (Eddie Murphy) zu erstellen.

Der Dienst bietet eine Bibliothek mit klassischen Komödien wie Friends und The Office , die jedoch auf HBO Max und Peacock im nächsten Jahr.

Netflix bietet drei Pläne an - auf Geräten 1 in SD mit ihrem Plan “Basis” (8 €) und auf Geräten 2 in HD mit ihren ( Tier-Var: Tier: Standard) -Plan und 4 Geräte in bis zu 4 KB in ihrem “Premium” (16 €) -Plan.

Netflix gibt mehr Geld für Inhalte aus als jeder andere Streaming-Dienst, was bedeutet, dass Sie mehr Wert für die monatliche Gebühr erhalten.

Amazon Prime Video

To access Amazon Prime Video in India, you will need to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription. It costs Rs. 129 per month or Rs. 999 per year and includes Prime Music and Prime Delivery.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video ist ein Abonnement Video-Streaming-Service, das On-Demand-Zugriff auf über 10.000 Filme, TV-Shows und Prime-Originale wie Jack Ryan , The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel , Homecoming und mehr.

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