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TV Shows With New Streaming Homes in 2020-2021

Stephanie Sengwe

2019 and 2020 saw an influx of streaming and it looks like 2021 will be about establishing their places in a more competitive streaming world. With each service determined to prove its better than its competitor, Disney, WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal—who all have extensive libraries that even date back to the days of black and white film—are scaling back on the licensing agreements and are opting instead, to pull all their content onto their respective streaming services.

While the streaming wars have given us great content such as The Mandalorian and The Queen’s Gambit, they are also the catalyst behind the fact that we will no longer be able to access classic shows such as Friends and The Office on one platform.

As we go into 2021 and beyond, viewers’ loyalties to old shows will be tested as library content will be split between the likes of HBO Max and Peacock while Netflix and Hulu maintain their spots as top tier streamers.

Below is a list of some shows that switch streaming services this year or will find a new streaming home in 2021.

1. The Office

After years being the most watched show on Netflix, NBCUniversal will be pulling The Office off the platform and putting it on Peacock instead, beginning January 2021. Earlier this month, Peacock announced they will be offering the first two seasons of the show on their free tier. Seasons three through nine will be behind their paywall, available to users with Peacock Premium which is $4.99 a month (or free for Xfinity Customers). Those with Peacock Premium Plus will be able to watch the show ad-free.

2. Parks and Recreation

Previously available on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, Parks & Recreation became exclusively available to Peacock in October 2020. Parent company NBCUniversal opted not to renew their license agreement with Netflix.

3. Friends

Just like “The Office”, Friends was one the crown jewels of Netflix library. However, with the launch of HBO Max, it became a major part of the new streaming service. While all ten seasons of he show have been available on HBO Max since its launch in May, 2021 will see a delayed reunion special exclusively for subscribers.

4. The West Wing

After calling Netflix home for years, The West Wing the TV show was pulled from the streamer on Christmas Day. All 156 episodes of the show are now available for streaming on HBO Max. In October, the original cast of series even made a brief comeback and for a good cause, taking part in a special event that benefitted the charity organization When We All Vote. The special, titled, “A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote,” aired on HBO Max exclusively.

5. Gossip Girl

Fans of this Upper East Side gang will have to head to HBO Max in order to binge the series. Gossip Girl will also be leaving Netflix on Dec. 31 and will join the streamer’s expansive library. This is just in time for the new spin-off coming to HBO Max next year.

6. Dexter

This hit mystery show is slated to leave Netflix on Dec. 31 as well. While a permanent new home has not been determined as yet, the Showtime series is likely to go to ViacomCBS’ upcoming streaming service, Paramount+.

7. Nurse Jackie

Like Dexter, Nurse Jackie will also leave Netflix on Dec. 31 and most likely head to Paramount+.

8. HBO Library: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, The Wire

Up until the launch of HBO Max, one the best features of Amazon Prime Video, was access to the entire library of past HBO shows. In May, those shows left Prime Video and found a new home at HBO Max.

9. Seinfeld

Despite losing Friends and The Office to HBO Max and Peacock, Netflix has bulked up their library with another classic. The streamer reached a deal with Sony Pictures Television to bring the entire 180 episodes of Seinfeld globally to the service. The series is currently available on Hulu, but will move to Netflix when the deal expires in mid-2021.

10. South Park

In June, all 23 seasons of South Park shifted from Hulu to HBO Max. With all new seasons, new episodes will debut on HBO Max, 24 hours after each episode premieres on Comedy Central.

11. Charmed

The original Charmed starring Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan was removed from Netflix in October. However, though it’s distributed by ViacomCBS, the company did not withhold the show for Paramount+. Instead, they struck a deal with NBCUniversal and the first eight seasons of the series are available on Peacock.

12. Hart of Dixie

All four seasons of Hart of Dixie departed Netflix on Dec. 25 when the streamer’s distribution deal with The CW expired. While both CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. own the show, it’s not clear on what platform the show will go to next—HBO Max or Paramount+.

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