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Philo Adds New ‘Movies & More’ Add-On For $3 Per Month

Michael King

Philo has announced a new ‘Movies & More’ add-on tier for an extra $3 a month. The new tier includes Cinemoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz, and Sony Movies.

Each of the channels will bring additional titles and resources to the streaming platform that will provide movies and related content for viewers.

  • Cinemoi includes content with a focus on international film and film festivals including the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival, along with other noted film festivals from around the world. The channel also includes a focus on fashion from around the world and includes ongoing features on fashion weeks from New York, Paris, and Milan.

  • HDNet Movies features theatrical film releases from a variety of genres, completely unedited and without commercial interruption. The films are all presented in high definition. Some commercials can be found between films, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.

  • MGM HD is a network that features films and content from the vast library of Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s history, with many of them remastered into a high-definition format. The network was created so that MGM did not have to pay licensing fees to get many of their older titles onto other networks. In many cases, the titles aired are second-tier or other titles that are not as desired by those other networks. As with HDNet Movies, commercials can be found during the afternoons and evening hours.

  • Reelz carries original and acquired films, series, and documentaries about celebrity scandals, including The Price of Fame, Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…, and CopyCat Killers.

  • Sony Movies features motion pictures from the Sony Pictures Entertainment library — including titles from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Picturs, Sony Pictures Classics, and Destination Films, among others — along with features from other distributors, including Millennium Films, Nu Image, Lionsgate, and Shout! Factory. Each of the titles are carried unedited and remastered in high definition.

Though a budget programmer, Philo has been steadily adding content in recent months and has publicly mulled the addition of Spanish language content to the platform.

“(Spanish-language content is) on the shortlist of an add-on package that we want to bring to market,” CEO Andrew McCollum told industry journal The Desk in July.

Many of the programmers that Philo already carries offer Spanish language versions of their linear content for viewers, while some others have been stockpiling shows and movies for their own Spanish language streaming plans. ViacomCBS, for example, has been loading Pluto TV, its free streaming service, with Spanish language content on “Pluto TV en Español.”

According to McCollum, Philo’s current agreements allow it the “ability to offer some Spanish-language networks,” but a plan regarding how exactly to best present and deliver that programming is still being formulated.

McCollum seems intent on not settling on a half-measure when it comes to serving a Spanish-speaking audience meaningful content in a convenient, enticing way.

Philo has also moved to diversify its audience with the addition of the LGBTQ+ channel Revry to its line-up.

Philo is designed for entertainment lovers and includes more than 60 channels for $25 per month. Philo works on most major streaming devices including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast (from Android), iOS, Android, and your computer.

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